Haworth Moves to Unify BI Platform

Office furniture company standardizes on Business Objects solutions in initiative to ensure information accountability

Office furniture company standardizes on Business Objects solutions in initiative to ensure information accountability

San Jose, CA — May 28, 2004 — Office furniture manufacturer Haworth is standardizing on a business intelligence (BI) from Business Objects as part of an initiative to unify its BI platform, combine data sources and ensure information accountability.

A global company with over $1.2 billion in sales in 2003, Haworth is using Business Objects business intelligence solutions to track, understand and manage operational performance.

As part of the company's initiative to unify its BI platform on Business Objects, the company recently selected BusinessObjects Data Integrator 6.5, the provider's real-time and batch data integration platform.

As Haworth continues to grow, the company is looking to develop a business intelligence system that ensures information accountability, which will allow managers across the company to work from a single version of all corporate information and make decisions based on timely, accurate data. Previously, Haworth used several different business intelligence tools, which led to conflicting interpretations of the same data.

By standardizing reporting and data integration technology from Business Objects, Haworth has moved to improve managers' ability to make business decisions. Today employees in the finance, logistics, purchasing and marketing departments use Business Objects to obtain information on their operations. Haworth is also using Business Objects to structure data specifically for its Six Sigma initiative.

Business Objects said that Haworth selected Data Integrator for its functionality, ease of use and ability to integrate with their existing databases and Business Objects infrastructure. With Data Integrator, Haworth can extract information out of Oracle applications and databases and prepare it for reporting and distribution with the Business Objects infrastructure.

"As part of our decision-making process, we formed a cross-functional team to determine our strategic direction and select one BI provider," said Steve Wilkins, information services application manager for Haworth. "Our group selected Business Objects because it provides the most breadth and depth in terms of products, services and innovation."

"Organizations like Haworth recognize that standardizing on one BI platform can lower total cost of ownership while also improving employee productivity and operational performance," said Dave Kellogg, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Business Objects. "In addition, by unifying data integration and BI on Business Objects, Haworth can take an important step towards achieving information accountability, ensuring that their data is accurate and consistent across the enterprise. This is a key capability in today's economic climate where clean data and one version of the truth are important requirements for running a successful and legally compliant business."