Meridian Automotive Systems Selects ERP Solution Across 22 Facilities

Leading automotive parts supplier to reduce costs, enable business process efficiencies

Leading automotive parts supplier to reduce costs, enable business process efficiencies

Atlanta — June 7, 2004 — The Dearborn, Mich.-based Meridian Automotive Systems Inc. said today it has selected global solutions provider MAPICS' ERP (enterprise resource planning) for iSeries to support its global standardization initiative and provide a foundation for its enterprise-wide business systems.

The automotive company's 22-plant standardization project will deliver cost savings from the automation of critical business processes, improved efficiencies and an enterprise-wide infrastructure that meets the demands of the automotive industry, according to Meridian.

Meridian specializes in providing major vehicle components for customers such as Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota. The company operates three business segments: exterior composites, interior and exterior lighting, and front- and rear-end modules in 22 manufacturing plants across North America.

When looking to standardize its ERP solution across all of its operations, Meridian sought a partner that offered a comprehensive manufacturing solution for diverse multi-site operations. After consideration of its enterprise-wide needs, Meridian decided to expand its partnership with MAPICS.

Key to the company's decision to standardize on MAPICS ERP for iSeries was the solution's ability to immediately deliver savings with quick implementations, according to Meridian. In addition, the MAPICS solution offered a range of applications for the company's various needs, provided integrated financial management, and promoted standardization of best practices that have been executed in multiple plants.

Bruce Knoll, IT director for Meridian, stated that MAPICS' manufacturing solution not delivers results for his company, but also helps the automotive firm to meet the demands of its customers.

"The MAPICS ERP for iSeries solution delivers significant cost savings as well as outstanding support, all of which allows our business to grow, be more flexible and be more responsive," Knoll said. "We operate in a very competitive marketplace. Meeting the increasing demands of our customers is our top priority. With MAPICS, my staff can provide our enterprise with an effective approach to systems standardization that assists us in maintaining high supplier ratings, excelling in business-critical metrics, reducing operational costs and improving overall business efficiency."