Summit Industrial Increases Order Accuracy, Speeds Product to Market

Synthetic lubricant manufacturer taps Ross ERP system to gain enterprise-wide visibility, achieves highest customer satisfaction levels

Synthetic lubricant manufacturer taps Ross ERP system to gain enterprise-wide visibility, achieves highest customer satisfaction levels

Atlanta — June 9, 2004 — Global competition, enterprise conglomeration and a powerful desire to deliver the highest-quality products are potent challenges facing many chemicals manufacturers today.

One industry leader, Summit Industrial Products, has met these challenges and achieved its highest customer satisfaction levels within six months of implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Ross Systems, according to an announcement today from the solution provider.

Founded in 1982 and one of the Klüber Group companies, Summit manufactures synthetic lubricants for equipment and other industrial products. Summit is based in Tyler, Texas.

Before installing Ross' iRenaissance, Summit faced three main challenges. Due to the company's expanding product offerings, Summit experienced increased demand for its inventory, and subsequently delivery lead time had begun to slide. In addition, the company needed to coordinate product and business transactions with two of its sister companies, one located in New Hampshire and the other in Mexico.

Summit looked to address these new challenges while steadily improving customer satisfaction levels. Looking for a partner that had the right manufacturing expertise for their business, Summit selected Ross' iRenaissance for its Internet-based technology platform, process industry functionality and multilingual capabilities.

"The key focus in our business is delivering superior products in a timely manner," said Kelly Starr, vice president of finance for Summit. "Ross helps ensure all of the specialized lubricants and chemicals Summit produces are of the highest quality, while also meeting regulatory and customer requirements. There is incredible value in knowing each product is guaranteed to meet our high standards upon shipment."

Ross said that the iRenaissance ERP system provides enterprise-wide visibility, from finance to manufacturing to distribution, allowing Summit to streamline production and distribution operations. Summit has consolidated its enterprise processes such as labeling, lot traceability, regulatory measures and shipping on one platform, allowing employees to focus on meeting critical service levels for its customers.

Just six months after implementing Ross' iRenaissance enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Summit's enhanced organization-wide visibility has enabled the company to improve its order turnaround by 50 percent, now shipping products to customers in less than one day.

Summit also significantly decreased its finished goods inventory, which was essential to improving the efficiency of its private-label business. In addition, Ross has enabled Summit to more easily coordinate with its sister sites located in New Hampshire and Mexico. The inventory management and visibility capabilities in iRenaissance allow Summit to store materials, process orders and place shipments across country borders while consistently meeting customer expectations, according to Ross.