California Water Board Takes Time Into Account

Selects business process management solution to electronically track employee timesheets

Selects business process management solution to electronically track employee timesheets

Sacramento, CA — June 10, 2004 — Database Republic, a business process management (BPM) consulting company, announced that it has launched its electronic Timesheets application for the California State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) — Division of Administrative Services (DAS). Database Republic created the application using BizFlow, which is business process management software created by HandySoft Global Corp.

With 12 offices and 1,800 employees throughout California, the Water Board found the manual processing and tracking of its documents to be slow and error prone. Time accounting is critical to the Water Board's program and to the fiscal managers who assess program progress and manage funding. The eTimesheet application provides the Water Board with a real-time, Web-enabled solution that meets the need for timely, accurate information.

"Moving to electronic timesheets will reap substantial improvements in our ability to quickly capture data and resolve errors," said Bill Brown, DAS chief. "Our employees and managers have long sought an automated timesheet process. Until Bizflow, automating processes appeared unachievable because most other solutions we investigated were costly and had long development cycles. The efficiency of creating applications in Bizflow has changed our perception, and we are excited about the benefits we can achieve using it to automate a wide range of administrative processes."

"With most government procedures driven by laws and regulations, government agencies are looking for technology solutions to standardize processes and improve operations," said Stuart Claggett, chief operating officer of HandySoft. "As a result, a growing number of federal and state government agencies have turned to BizFlow to help support important e-government initiatives."

A phased rollout of the SWRCB eTimesheet application has begun and is already deployed in three SWRCB regions.