Perfect Commerce Updates Sourcing, e-Procurement Suite

Adds supplier registration tool, expands product search features, beefs up procurement management solution

Adds supplier registration tool, expands product search features, beefs up procurement management solution

Kansas City, MO — June 22, 2004 — Supplier relationship management (SRM) specialist Perfect Commerce has released an updated version of its suite of solutions for sourcing and procurement, adding supplier self-registration functionality and product search features, among other updates.

Perfect said that its Event Manager solution now includes a Supplier Self-Registration tool, automated Multi-Stage Event support and streamlined Collaboration and Delegation functions that enable greater efficiency within the sourcing process for both buyers and suppliers.

"With the new Supplier Self-Registration functionality, organizations can now drive supplier qualification by using a set of scoring and filtering criteria embedded in the application, rather than the traditional and time consuming paper-based scoring process," explained Sandy Kemper, Perfect's chairman and CEO.

In addition, as part of a drive to update its procurement offering, Perfect has launched its Search Manager solution, hosted solution that provides product selection and comparison tools for online catalogues, along with integration back into existing purchasing or procurement systems.

Perfect said that Search Manager, combined with the provider's Open Supplier Network (OSN), an independent supplier network with 8,000 suppliers and more than 21 million stock-keeping units (SKUs) of catalogue content, or in conjunction with other electronic catalogues, gives companies the ability to make product comparisons and create automated buying lists.

"Initial market response to our Search Manager solution has been very favorable as companies look to hosted solutions to continue driving efficiencies into their e-procurement initiatives," said Ian Sullivan, Perfect's vice president of business development and product strategy. "Our new Search Manager solution supports a wide range of ... functions which all translate to less time spent during the product selection process and better leverage of contracts and pricing."

In addition, by connecting an existing procurement system such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and others to Search Manager, an enterprise can eliminate many of the inefficiencies of catalogue management, according to Perfect. "Easy-to-find, clean content plays a pivotal role in today's procurement process and it's imperative for companies to have a high performance search and catalogue application to complement these elements," said Sullivan.

Perfect has also added more functionality to its suite of procurement solutions with the latest release of Procurement Manager. The expanded functionality includes an updated user interface, improved administrative features, easier management of multiple workflows, support for blanket purchase order and cost distribution enhancements.

The expanded administrative capabilities allow companies to manage workflow configurations and user profiles at the divisional level, enabling an enterprise to make rapid changes, according to Perfect. In addition, cost distribution, which was formerly managed using percentages, now includes functionality to configure distribution by quantity and amount. These capabilities are intended to provide flexibility and customization, delivering a greater level of control for the purchasing organization and allowing companies to tailor the tool to their internal approval processes, the solution provider said.

"The new user interface and advanced workflow capabilities drive deep process efficiencies enterprise-wide," Sullivan said. "We have seen clients experience a 75 percent decrease in typical purchasing cycle time, better compliance and an overall improvement in spend management."
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