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3PL Ozburn-Hessey deploys radio frequency ID compliance solution from HighJump in initiative led by International Paper

3PL Ozburn-Hessey deploys radio frequency ID compliance solution from HighJump in initiative led by International Paper

Memphis, TN — July 28, 2004 — Third-party logistics (3PL) provider Ozburn-Hessey Logistics (OHL) has completed a go-live of a radio frequency identification (RFID) compliance solution from HighJump as part of a facility-wide RFID initiative being led by International Paper.

Based in Nashville, Ozburn-Hessey Logistics provides multi-client warehouse campuses for multi-market distribution in such sectors as food and grocery, industrial (including automotive parts), electronic and high tech, health and beauty, consumer durables and medical industries. OHL is privately held and operates 17.2 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space across 20 states with over 2,400 employees.

The implementation of HighJump's RFID compliance solution, Compliance Advantage, will allow OHL to help its customers meet bar code and/or RFID requirements as needed, according to HighJump, which is a division of 3M.

OHL is using Compliance Advantage in its Dallas facility, where incoming cases will be labeled with RFID tags before being sent to retailers. Compliance Advantage provides functionality to tag outbound goods with compliant RFID electronic product codes (EPCs).

Guided RFID tag placement and automated tag commissioning, combined with verification of all cases and pallets, help ensure each outbound delivery meets customer RFID requirements, HighJump said. The system will allow OHL to manage high-volume RFID processing, too, according to the solution provider.

The go-live is a component of OHL's facility-wide RFID initiatives, in which International Paper led the design, evaluation and implementation of RFID solutions.

"International Paper and HighJump Software worked together to provide the expertise and dedication that made this implementation project a tremendous success for OHL," said Bob Spieth, chief information officer of OHL. "We now have effective solutions in place to meet our growing customer demands for RFID compliance."

"International Paper selected HighJump's RFID compliance solution because it represented the best choice for OHL's environment," said Alan Clark, general manager of Smart Packaging for International Paper. "Our expertise in RFID implementations combined with HighJump's innovative compliance solution will ensure OHL's ability to continually meet changing customer requests."

"With Compliance Advantage, OHL is well-prepared to provide its customers with both bar code-based and RFID-enabled processes as the demands of their customers change," said Chris Heim, president of HighJump Software. "The successful go-live of this RFID project is a shared success for International Paper, OHL and HighJump."