Fiberdyne Labs Selects CRM to Grow Sales Organization and Revenues

Fiber Optics networking products provider improves sales territory, account management

Fiber Optics networking products provider improves sales territory, account management

San Mateo, CA — July 29, 2004 — Fiberdyne Labs, a manufacturer of fiber optic networking products, said today it has deployed Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) OnDemand.

Siebel CRM OnDemand is helping the company better manage sales activities and customer accounts, increasing the productivity of its sales organization, according to Fiberdyne Labs. The company estimated that with the software it will be able to double its revenues in the next 18 months and increase sales per representative.

"To be successful in the ever-changing fiber optics industry, we operate as a real-time business, communicating information on sales opportunities and competitive developments almost every hour to our sales representatives," said Peter Polus, CEO, Fiberdyne Labs.

Polus said that the CRM OnDemand software has helped Fiberdyne communicate with its sales representatives as well as more effectively manage customer accounts and sales territories.

"With better territory management, we will be able to more efficiently assign sales leads and customer accounts to each sales representative," he said. "This, in turn, will allow us to increase the size of our sales organization while ensuring that sales territories don't overlap and every opportunity and customer account receives an appropriate amount of attention."

Fiberdyne Labs, headquartered in Frankfort, N.Y., manufactures fiber optic products and provides manufacturing and installation services to various North American and global organizations, including cable TV and telecommunications companies, universities, and governmental organizations.

Each of these markets involves different challenges and competitors, and the fiber optic products Fiberdyne Labs supplies are constantly evolving to meet increasing standards of quality, rapid delivery, and price-performance. In light of these industry characteristics, it is necessary that the organization be able to monitor and manage the status of every sales opportunity and customer account, quickly providing to sales representatives the tools they need to maximize sales revenues and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Fiberdyne Labs uses the software to ensure that customer account information, including a history of interactions with each account, is backed up, virus-free and readily available to executive management and the entire sales organization when needed.

With access to this information and greater insight into the sales pipeline, executive management said it is able to more accurately forecast sales revenues and provide support to sales representatives on critical accounts.