Zions Bancorporation Taps Ascential Software

Integration suite to provide enterprise-wide view of business units, products and customers

Integration suite to provide enterprise-wide view of business units, products and customers

Westboro, MA — August 5, 2004 — Zions Bancorporation said this week it is using the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to help provide an enterprise-wide view of business units, products and customers. Zions Bancorporation, one of the nation's premier financial services companies, will work with Ascential Software to construct an enterprise data warehouse that better organizes and structures internal data to support timely and efficient access to information for decision support across the bank's departments.

Zions Bancorporation operates approximately 400 full-service banking offices in eight western states and offers commercial, installment and mortgage loans; trust services; insurance services; foreign banking services; electronic and online banking services; automatic deposit and nationwide banking and transfer services; and checking and savings programs.

"To meet our commitment to provide the best possible value to our shareholders and service to our customers, we need a comprehensive view of our data in a single location," said Sheh Bertram, vice president of strategic projects, Zions Bancorporation. "Ascential Software enables us to set a high standard for data quality and information access that is the foundation of our software initiatives and gives our staff the ability to efficiently make informed business decisions."

Zions Bancorporation will use the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to transform data from multiple source applications on various platforms. Components of the suite will enable the bank to identify inaccurate or redundant data, apply business rules for added standardization and format the information for easy reporting out of the enterprise data warehouse.

"Premier financial services providers like Zions Bancorporation recognize the need for an [information technology (IT)] infrastructure that will provide them a single view of the customer," said Thracy Varvoglis, executive director of industry solutions at Ascential Software. "Zions is building out the systems to allow it to access the customer information it needs to provide world-class service and boost competitive advantage over other players in the ultra-competitive banking sector."

Ascential said its Integration Suite profiles, cleanses and transforms data from almost any application or system, regardless of data volume or latency. The Suite also provides scalability through parallel processing, meta data management, and any-to-any data source and application connectivity.