WWT Works on Customer Response at Nine Warehouse, Logistics Centers

Increases responsiveness to supply chain clients; upgrades include RFID tools

Increases responsiveness to supply chain clients; upgrades include RFID tools

Austin, TX — August 27, 2004 — ClearOrbit, a provider of real-time supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, today announced that St. Louis, Mo.-based World Wide Technology (WWT), a leading value-added reseller (VAR) in the information technology industry, is implementing ClearOrbit's Compliance Label Manager (CLM) across all nine of its U.S.-based warehouse and distribution centers.

The first in a series of upgrades, which will include radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities and collaboration tools, ClearOrbit said the CLM solution is designed to help WWT to respond to the daily supply chain demands for hundreds of its clients. WWT manages the procurement and deployment process for these clients while providing access to procurement, inventory management and deployment management applications.

WWT said it has been using ClearOrbit's Gemini Series since 2000 to automate material movement and replenishment transactions at inventory hubs, but it needed the expanded functionality of CLM to keep pace with rapidly changing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer requirements.

"Customer responsiveness is critical in our business," said Mark Franke, vice president of IT at World Wide Technology. "Order accuracy means not only shipping the right item at the right time, but making sure it is labeled properly per our customers' changing requirements."

Franke went on to explain that with the implementation of ClearOrbit's CLM, WWT can speed up its response time on custom labels for any of the several hundred supply chain clients the company serves on a daily basis without tying up IT development resources or writing custom code. "The fact that CLM supports RFID tagging and supplier collaboration also means we are investing in an infrastructure that will grow with us in the future," he added.

ClearOrbit's Compliance Label Manager is part of the Connected Pro Series, which includes RFID Tracker and Collaborative Print Manager, both of which are supply chain execution solutions pre-integrated into major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The rules-based solutions automate adherence to customer standards and guidelines that WWT said are integral parts of high-velocity supply chain capabilities. CLM also enables dynamic label changes without modifying or customizing software code and is fully compatible with ClearOrbit's entire family of solutions, as well as other supply chain applications

Tom Dziersk, president and CEO of ClearOrbit, said "All of ClearOrbit's customers are seeking extensions to their supply chain solutions that avoid the expense of custom code and protect them from all the unknown costs of integrating to future versions of ERP systems. We are delighted to bolster World Wide Technology's supply chain capabilities with their decision to implement CLM in all of their U.S. distribution and warehouse facilities."