Exel Upgrades Sourcing Processes with Procuri

Seeks greater efficiency in sourcing processes, procedures within global purchasing organizations

Seeks greater efficiency in sourcing processes, procedures within global purchasing organizations

Atlanta — August 30, 2004 — Procuri Inc., a provider of strategic sourcing solutions, today announced that Exel, a supply chain management company, has selected Procuri's solutions to automate its sourcing processes and to consolidate its purchases.

Exel was first exposed to Procuri after participating in an event as a supplier, and it decided to use the provider's functionality to automate processes and consolidate purchases. Exel said it will use the solutions to achieve greater efficiency in sourcing processes and procedures within the its global purchasing organizations throughout the United States and Europe.

"After using Procuri as a supplier, we discovered the value it can add to our company's sourcing process," said Tom Temple, manager of procurement, Exel, Americas. "We selected Procuri's solutions because they are easy-to-use and the company provides excellent support services for its users, both buyers and suppliers."

Procuri said its on-demand strategic sourcing solutions are designed to elevate the expertise of staff for rapid self-sufficiency, and that Exel should be able to elevate its sourcing capabilities and institutionalize best practices for a more efficient and streamlined sourcing process.

With operations in more than 120 countries and in several key industry sectors, Exel provides solutions for the supply chain including design, consulting, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution services, integrated information management, and e-commerce support.

"As a supply chain management services company, Exel delivers operational processes to its customers," said Mark F. Morel, Sr., president and CEO for Procuri. "With Procuri, Exel's staff will have a strategic sourcing environment that easily adapts to its processes while delivering new efficiencies and best practices throughout its world-class enterprise."