G-Log Offers Updated Global Command and Control Center Software

New version evaluates inventory, transportation and logistics tradeoffs to optimize goods

New version evaluates inventory, transportation and logistics tradeoffs to optimize goods

Shelton, CN — September 8, 2004 — G-Log, a provider of global logistics and transportation software, announced today the general availability of version 4.5 of its G Log Global Command and Control Center (GC3) software.

According to G-Log, the release adds 40 new features to the GC3 system and offers expanded inventory management and international trade management functionality. The Web-native software is designed to evaluate inventory, transportation and logistics tradeoffs to drive revenue and profitability, the company said.

"Outperforming the competition, from a financial and customer service perspective, remains a top priority for most companies, but it's becoming increasingly difficult as supply chains become more complex and fragmented due to globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and other factors," said Adrian Gonzalez, director logistics advisory council, ARC Advisory Group. "Companies must take steps to become more agile and responsive, including re-designing their networks and business processes, and investing in technologies that enhance productivity and decision making."

G-Log said it spent more than 30,000 hours developing the new features and enhanced usability in GC3 version 4.5. After collaborating with several of its Global 2000 customers to understand what new functionality would provide the greatest benefit, the G-Log team focused its development efforts on expanding the GC3 product footprint in two primary areas: inventory management and international trade management.

In response to customers' need to track inventory counts at each location in the supply chain, the 4.5 release includes expanded inventory management capabilities that allow users to enter and view item-level product information for specific locations. Users can have network-wide visibility and status information of all inventory in the supply chain, providing the ability to evaluate tradeoffs and optimize shipments.

Martin Neil, vice president of global solutions for Exel, said the new software release gives his company opportunities to create value in the supply chain for customers, employees and shareholders. "Powered by a single instance of the GC3 software, Exel provides its customers with a consolidated view of freight flows and detailed stock-level inventory, as well as proactive supply chain event management alerts," he said. "With this unique 'glass pipeline' view of their entire logistics network, our customers are executing vendor-managed inventory programs with great success and making their respective supply chains leaner than ever.

G-Log said GC3 was also built to support international trade management and the growing demands of the logistics service provider market. GC3 4.5 has capabilities for processing logistics service providers' time-sensitive, cross-border shipments, including intelligent ocean booking and route management, rate quoting, commercial invoice creation and management, support for public hazardous material data and export licenses, centralized services management, international financial management, and advanced vessel management. These new capabilities allow logistics service providers to use GC3 as their logistics back-office system for managing all of their international trade services and computing total landed costs, which companies use to determine the profitability of a transaction.