XML Technology Creates Toll-free Trade Gateway for Distributors

New solution from Intuit gives distributors more flexibility, less extra costs

New solution from Intuit gives distributors more flexibility, less extra costs

Shelton, CN — September 9, 2004 — Intuit Inc.'s Distribution Management Solutions division today announced the release of Eclipse Business Connect extensible markup language (XML). The company said the new technology is designed to allow wholesale distributors to reach customers and vendors via an online channel and automatically process inter-company transactions.

Intuit said the software is different from other technologies like electronic data interchange (EDI) value-added network (VAN) and portal solutions in that it offers a toll-free, real-time option for Web communications and commerce. The result is the elimination of EDI VAN and portal charges.

"I've seen more customer interest in XML-based electronic trading over the past year than I've seen in the last five years combined," commented Dave Cahill, vice president of Information Technology at Van Meter Industrial, a 70-year-old industrial distribution firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "When one of our biggest customers decided to trade electronically, we immediately turned to IDMS because of the depth of industry experience the company offers and our successful track record working together."

Cahill added that since his company is using the solution that eliminates VAN charges, he estimates Van Meter Industrial could save as much as $3,000 per customer. "Also, it could improve the quality of our service by enabling us to respond more quickly and provide real-time information on pricing and availability," he said.

Intuit said Eclipse Business Connect XML is based on the extensible markup language, or XML, which is a flexible way to create standard information formats and share both the format and the data via the Web. XML lets disparate business systems share data and interact electronically.

Intuit added that Eclipse Business Connect XML acts as a secure, electronic interchange from the Eclipse platform to and from vendors, customers, partners and e-marketplaces.

With Eclipse Business Connect XML, Intuit explained that distributors choose the type of interactions and configuration they prefer. Distributors can choose to trade via VAN, through an industry or private portal, or create direct trading partner connections without a portal or any associated fees.

Also, using Eclipse Business Connect XML, distributors can connect with the growing number of e-marketplaces through pre-built, pre-configured interfaces.