MISTgroup Launches Decision Support Tool

Deigned for data management for maritime industry users

Deigned for data management for maritime industry users

Annapolis, MD — September 14, 2004 — MISTgroup today announced the launch of VTSS-advanced, a configurable version of its Vessel Terminal Synergy System (VTSS) software. The company said the software is designed to enable maritime companies to make decisions with the most updated information.

VTSS-advanced has a universal portal to store vessel and terminal data. The system enables a vessel and/or terminal to submit required data to Port Authorities, create automated questionnaires and control access to proprietary data. VTSS-advanced can perform vessel and terminal evaluations, advanced queries and trend analysis. MISTgroup said the system is also designed to enhance existing safety/quality assurance systems and provide distinguishable control between internal sensitive data versus shared accessibility.

"VTSS-advanced was developed by MISTgroup in response to a need in the maritime industry for a flexible, functional application for marine data management," commented John Miller, MISTgroup's vice president of Global Marine Applications. "We spoke with many terminal owners and operators, vessel owners and operators, charterers/trading firms, port authorities/agents, pilot associations, and brokerage firms and incorporated their input regarding capabilities, usability and design into VTSS-advanced," Miller said.

VTSS-advanced is the next generation of MISTgroup's product line; VTSS-basic is the company's current product on the market. MISTgroup said VTSS-basic is a free version of its application, which is designed to foster global collaboration and maintain data readiness for Vessel/Terminal Owner/Operators. Since the inception of VTSS-basic, the company said it has seen an increase in the subscription and utilization of the product, as well as an expansion of the database.

"The marine industry is similar to other industries in that secure, accurate and reliable data is a key factor to success," according to Jim Smith, MISTgroup's chief information officer. "VTSS-advanced has a data model that allows access while retaining flexibility, where the database literally changes shape with the demands of its users and accommodates any new scenario presented by the user. Our systems are capable of recording, tracking, querying and viewing any form of data."