Ciba Specialty Chemicals Implements Customs Solution

Software suite to reduce manufacturer's reliance on third-party logistics providers

Software suite to reduce manufacturer's reliance on third-party logistics providers

Dulles, VA — September 22, 2004 — Vastera Inc., a provider of solutions for global trade management (GTM), today announced that chemical manufacturer Ciba Specialty Chemicals has implemented Vastera's TradeSphere Importer, Exporter and Customs Manager solutions. Based in Switzerland with distribution centers around the world, Ciba imports and exports its complex chemical products to approximately 120 countries throughout the world.

Vastera said its TradeSphere Exporter, Importer and Customs Manager products enable users to reduce their reliance on third-party service-providers and streamline the flow of customs-clearance information. Its tools enable businesses to more visibility into trade processes, which the provider said is necessary to overall success as a global manufacturer of complex goods.

George Weise, vice president Global Trade Compliance, Vastera, stated that his company's customers recognize the benefits of a single-source GTM approach, which addresses importing and exporting as a closed-loop process. "By ensuring export data is accurate, TradeSphere streamlines the import process, reducing time associated with customs clearance, thereby getting goods to market faster, which ultimately translates into substantial cost savings for the global organization," he explained.

The TradeSphere suite automates global trade workflow. TradeSphere Importer identifies opportunities to leverage preferential trade programs such as NAFTA; provides a repository in which to store a product's tariff classification and country-of-origin information; and calculates import duties, taxes and fees.

TradeSphere Customs Manager enables remote management of customs-clearance operations, known by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection agency as Remote Location Filing. Under this process, companies can file customs clearance data from a remote location, reducing time and cutting costs from the filing and clearance process.

TradeSphere Exporter enables Vastera's clients to manage their supply chains against changing export requirements and trade regulations, as well as the ability to automate document preparation and filing.