Integrated EDI Service Available from RedTail Solutions

Expands interconnectivity with small- to-midsize accounting solutions from BusinessVision

Expands interconnectivity with small- to-midsize accounting solutions from BusinessVision

Westborough, MA — September 28, 2004 — RedTail Solutions Inc., a provider of integrated outsourced electronic data interchange (EDI) services for small to midsize suppliers, today announced the availability of its outsourced EDI service for BusinessVision's business accounting solution.

BusinessVision, a Best Software company, markets its solutions to small to midsize businesses.

RedTail Solutions has recently begun supplying the integrated EDI service with BusinessVision to a number of new BusinessVision customers, including a food producer, a health care products distributor, and various manufacturers of products for the retail hardware, decorating and camping markets.

RedTail CEO Patricia Meisner said, "As large enterprises continue to make greater and greater demands for electronic trading of their suppliers, we are pleased to add BusinessVision to the list of small to middle-market accounting systems with integration to RedTail's EDI and related services."

"We are very pleased to include RedTail among our Vertical Solutions Partners," said Murray Aston, president of BusinessVision. "We all benefit from integrated and productive solutions that enhance the offering to our existing and prospective clients; and integrated, outsourced EDI services are a true value-add."

RedTail stated that its service-based solution enables suppliers to meet the requirements for electronic trading required by large enterprises in the retail, automotive and distribution segments without having to invest in infrastructure or specialized expertise.

RedTail developed its newest service interface to BusinessVision in conjunction with Toronto-based E-Com Accounting Solutions, Inc. (EASI), a BusinessVision reseller and developer that will continue to maintain and enhance it. According to Frank Biamonte, president of EASI, "Until now BusinessVision users have had only one or two marginal solutions to comply with their key customers requirements for electronic trading. Now they have capabilities through the RedTail service and systems as well as integration with their BusinessVision systems."