PEZ Candy Sweetening Forecasting, Production Planning

Candy manufacturer to implement Ross Systems solution to streamline manufacturing, distribution processes

Candy manufacturer to implement Ross Systems solution to streamline manufacturing, distribution processes

Atlanta — September 29, 2004 — Confectionary stalwart PEZ Candy has licensed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from Ross Systems in a bid to improve forecasting, production planning and operational visibility at its Connecticut facility.

PEZ manufactures is flagship candies in Orange, Conn., and sells its products through supermarkets, toy chains and other retail outlets throughout the United States and in more than 60 countries. U.S. consumers gobble up more than 3 billion PEZ annually.

The company will deploy Ross' iRenaissance solution throughout its Connecticut production facility with the goals of improving order fulfillment and customer service while increasing manufacturing efficiencies.

Prior to Ross, PEZ utilized thousands of spreadsheets to coordinate business transactions that were not effectively managed by their legacy system. The company lacked the efficiency of a single system of record capable of handling financials, forecasting and budgeting across its enterprise.

Choosing Ross' enterprise solution to support its manufacturing and operations process management, distribution and financial transactions, PEZ will replace its legacy system and use its new-found enterprise-wide visibility to tighten controls on raw materials procurement and speed production efficiencies, while improving customer service.

Ross said its software solutions help manufacturers fulfill their business growth objectives through increased operational efficiencies, improved profitability, strengthened customer relationships and streamlined regulatory compliance.

Said Lou Falango, chief financial officer of PEZ Candy, "Ross best suits our unique business needs, providing better control, planning, forecasting and overall improved visibility into our finished goods inventory."

"For companies like PEZ that produce and distribute products to everyone from mom-and-pop stores to Wal-Mart, having the ability to exact better controls over supply chain visibility is critical," said Rick Marquardt, president of North American operations at Ross. "With iRenaissance, PEZ will have the ability to respond to the wide variety of services and fulfillment expectations from their customers, and at the same time, uncover hidden opportunities for operational cost reduction and profit growth."

A software unit of chinadotcom corporation, Ross is focused on the food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, metals and natural products industries, and the company claims more than 1,200 customers worldwide.