Linking Business Intelligence with Performance Management

Joint BI offering from Lilly Software, Vanguard aims to provide detailed view of business performance, aid executive decision-making

Joint BI offering from Lilly Software, Vanguard aims to provide detailed view of business performance, aid executive decision-making

Hampton, NH — September 29, 2004 — Lilly Software Associates (LSA), a provider of enterprise and supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors, and Vanguard Solutions Group, a provider of performance management solutions, have reported that more than 70 new customers this year to date have licensed their joint offering, VISUAL Business Intelligence.

Manufacturers today are facing tighter production schedules, pressure to reduce inventories, aggressive customer service demands and rapidly changing business environments. As a result, technology investment has become vital to obtaining a competitive advantage.

Companies require a highly functional software solution that promotes fast, easy access to enterprise-wide information and extensive operational control. By integrating VISUAL Business Intelligence (VBI) into their VISUAL Enterprise solution, Lilly Software's customers have the ability to better interpret and analyze business data, and the power to measure, manage and improve performance.

Powered by Vanguard's business intelligence technology known as Graphical Performance Series (GPS), VBI delivers business performance metrics that provide insight into what is happening with revenue or operating costs and, more importantly, reveal the reasons why, the two solution providers said. This helps managers to make more profitable business decisions by planning and validating their company's strategic and tactical initiatives.

"VISUAL Business Intelligence is a powerful analytical tool," said Keith Goldstein, vice president for information technology at VBI customer Arthur Blank & Co. "With a simple drag and drop user interface, it allows everyday business users to jump in and begin analyzing business information themselves rather than relying on IT to write custom queries and reports. VBI has allowed Arthur Blank & Co. to quickly make sense of the data captured from different sources in VISUAL and drive timely business decisions."

"The core concept behind Vanguard's solution is that business intelligence must be demand-driven," said Tony Balio, president and CEO of Vanguard. "The business needs of the user dictate the technical solution, not the other way around. Because Lilly and Vanguard share this focus on the business needs of the user, our products integrate well. Both are business-driven solutions designed for mid-market manufacturers, providing a rapid implementation and requiring minimal investment."

"Vanguard's background in manufacturing and [enterprise resource planning (ERP)], combined with their dedication to provide small- and medium-sized customers with tools and technology that leverage their enterprise investment, make them a perfect partner for LSA," said Gustav Khambatta, program manager for Lilly Software.