Actively Pursuing RFID Compliance

Retail supplier Russell Corp. deploys radio frequency identification package from The Danby Group, Franwell and GlobeRanger

Retail supplier Russell Corp. deploys radio frequency identification package from The Danby Group, Franwell and GlobeRanger

Richardson, TX — October 1, 2004 — Russell Activewear, a business unit of Russell Corp., said it is deploying a radio frequency identification (RFID) compliance solution provided by The Danby Group, a supply chain systems integrator, with partner Franwell, an RFID software solutions provider.

Franwell's rfid>Genesis solution is developed on GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware platform.

The Danby Group had been working with Russell, a Wal-Mart Top 100 supplier, to upgrade existing barcode technology inside its distribution centers when the retail mandates for RFID from Wal-Mart were announced. Russell said it decided to deploy RFID technology in conjunction with its barcode project implementation to meet the mandate, as well as to build an integrated barcode and RFID technology foundation for future deployment. Russell chose Franwell's rfid>Genesis solution, provided by The Danby Group, to meet the compliance deadlines.

The initial phase of implementation includes setting up compliance stations where RFID labels with specific stock-keeping units (SKUs) are printed and applied to the cases and pallets going to designated Wal-Mart distribution centers.

Franwell's rfid>Genesis solution will be integrated with hardware provided by The Danby Group, including Printronix SL5204e printer/encoders, stationary and mobile RFID readers and tags.

After retail compliance requirements have been met, Russell said it plans to evaluate other areas of their business for process improvements, such as deploying RFID technology within its international operations.

"Deploying Franwell's software package gives us the ability to print and validate both RFID and barcode information on one label, saving both time and money while meeting mandate requirements," said Russ Brown, IS director for Russell Activewear. "rfid>Genesis is integrated completely with our back-end warehouse management system, making the whole process seamless."

Jeff Wells, president and CEO of Franwell, assured that with the combined solution from Danby and Franwell, Russell can satisfy the compliance requirements and data integration needs. "rfid>Genesis provides the capabilities for associating case and pallet tags to order numbers as well as providing the appropriate UUCNet and EPC Global specification requirements," he said.

Franwell developed the rfid>Genesis solution on GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware platform for companies to meet compliance mandates set by large retailers, the Department of Defense and the Food and Drug Administration.