Providers Partner to Accelerate Collaborative Product Information Management

Cyclone Commerce, Velosel to develop CPIM, global data synchronization solutions for retail supply chain

Cyclone Commerce, Velosel to develop CPIM, global data synchronization solutions for retail supply chain

Scottsdale, AZ — October 7, 2004 — Solution providers Cyclone Commerce and Velosel are partnering to develop collaborative product information management (CPIM) and global data synchronization (GDS) solutions targeted at the retail supply chain.

Cyclone provides solutions designed to help businesses manage B2B processes from the edge of their enterprises rather than relying solely upon back-end systems. Cyclone said its software allows businesses to act in real-time upon information moving between customers, suppliers and other partners, giving companies visibility into key processes and allowing them to manage events as they occur.

Velosel is a provider of CPIM solutions for the consumer goods and retail industries. The company said its flagship product, Velosel5, maximizes business performance by streamlining the creation, management and synchronization of product information within the enterprise and across the value chain.

Under the new partnership, Cyclone and Velosel said they would share information, technology and testing resources for the joint deployment of new CPIM solutions. Given the two companies' established customer base in the retail, consumer products and pharmaceuticals industries, the new partners believe their alliance will position them to synchronize the retail supply chain and help prepare organizations for such future initiatives as radio frequency identification (RFID).

Daryl Eicher, general manager of retail and consumer goods solutions for Cyclone, said that the two companies would work together to offer their customers the first CPIM solution with multi-modal, simultaneous synchronization across all certified data pools, including the WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE), Transora, UCCnet and the Global Registry.

"Companies that rapidly scale their GDS programs to include their key trading partners achieve a quicker return on their investment," Eicher asserted, adding, "This partnership provides a smarter, simpler way for joint customers to ramp and gain value from their GDS programs."

"We are excited to be working with Cyclone, based on its proven track record of managing some of the largest and most complex retail and consumer products trading communities," said Russ Henry, senior vice president of marketing for Velosel. "As these industries prepare for strategic initiatives like GDS and RFID, the foundation is a collaborative product information management solution. This partnership will accelerate our joint customers' ability to successfully deploy and scale solutions to reach their business performance goals."

Founded in 1996, Cyclone Commerce is headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. Velosel, formed by the 2001 merger of HubStorm and Martquest, is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.