Webplan Touts Increased Revenues, New Customers

Supply chain management specialist sees year-on-year revenue increase, jump in new clients

Supply chain management specialist sees year-on-year revenue increase, jump in new clients

Ottawa — October 19, 2004 — Supply chain management specialist Webplan this week touted its success to date this year, pointing to increased revenues and a leap in new customers during 2004.

Webplan said its RapidResponse solution helps manufacturers to anticipate potential supply chain problems, review multiple action alternatives and align operations to master the "reality gap" between planning and execution. The RapidResponse architecture connects to front- and back-end systems, and it supports a continuous flow of information across multiple sites, the solution provider said.

Through the first nine months of 2004, the company saw a 70 percent increase in revenues compared with the same period during 2003. The revenue increase was driven by a 75 percent increase in new customers, Webplan said.

Additionally, the company saw a 122 percent increase in licensing revenues during this period. Today, more than 50 manufacturers at 300 manufacturing sites utilize Webplan RapidResponse to help them respond to changes in supply, demand, capacity and products, according to the solution provider.

"The global trend towards outsourcing is driving [original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)] and contract manufacturers to examine new ways to respond rapidly and effectively to change," said Douglas Colbeth, president and CEO of Webplan. "Webplan RapidResponse uniquely addresses this critical need."

The company attributes the increase in momentum to a clarified market positioning that has better articulated the value that RapidResponse delivers; improvements within the companies deployment services that now allow new customers to deploy RapidResponse into production environments within 60 days of project kickoff; a strengthened sales force in both North America and Asia-Pacific; and the company's own internal "lean" initiatives intended to drive internal alignment, process definition and consistent execution.

"Companies that have deployed RapidResponse have benefited from the ability to simultaneously and immediately evaluate the impact of changes to supply, demand, capacity and products throughout the supply chain," the solution provider said in a statement. "This has, in turn, enabled them to deliver greater customer service while improving their internal manufacturing performance and driving down costs."