E2open Touts Adoption of B2B Client in High-Tech Sector

Hitachi, LG Electronics and Panasonic using free solution to integrate with customers, suppliers and partners

Hitachi, LG Electronics and Panasonic using free solution to integrate with customers, suppliers and partners

Redwood City, CA — October 29, 2004 — High-tech supply chain solution provider E2open this week said that its B2B Client offering has passed its 200th deployment milestone, with companies like Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, LG Electronics and Panasonic as well as their trading partners deploying the solution.

The free E2open B2B Client enables companies to integrate with customers, suppliers and partners at what E2Open says is reduced cost and complexity. "The E2open B2B Client enables low-cost and rapid partner enablement, offers ease-of-use to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of technical sophistication, and provides advanced functionality such as large file transfer," the solution provider said in announcing the milestone.

E2open said that B2B Client is designed to enable businesses of all sizes, and deployments of the solution span small-, medium- and large-sized manufacturers and distributors across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, according to the solution provider.

"Small- and medium-sized companies that want to minimize the total cost of ownership of a full B2B infrastructure — including hardware, software and staffing — can affordably gain B2B integration capabilities with the E2open B2B Client," the provider said in its announcement. "For larger companies that already have an in-house enterprise application integration (EAI) infrastructure, the E2open B2B Client can extend their existing internal integration platform to add external B2B integration capabilities."

The client leverages Web services standards, including SOAP, UDDI and XML for dynamic process publication and discovery, and it can deliver any type of payload, including RosettaNet PIPs, xCBL, cXML, ebXML, EAIJ, EDI X12, EDIFACT, EDI-INT, Microsoft Excel, CAD files and custom flat files. The client provides ensured message delivery, a security framework, administration and self-support capabilities, and it is a free option for companies that use the E2open B2B Integration Solution.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies uses an earlier version of the E2open B2B Client to extend its existing systems and EAI infrastructure beyond the company's four walls. "Hitachi Global Storage Technologies ... has deployed it to leverage E2open as its single gateway between the back-end systems at 14 internal sites and hundreds of external suppliers and customers," said Ranga Jayaraman, vice president of information technology with Hitachi. "The E2open B2B Client supports a broad spectrum of transactions, including direct procurement forecasting, inventory and order management processes; indirect procurement order management and invoicing processes; and customer-facing order management and forecasting processes."

LG Electronics is achieving data synchronization with more than 20 suppliers by using the E2open B2B Client for delivery of key planning and execution documents, supporting file sizes in excess of 70 MB transferred on a daily basis. "The E2open B2B Client supports LG Electronics' push-based, two-way communication model and helps us ensure currency of production plans, bills of materials and manufacturing specifications across the supply chain," said Kyoung Hwan Cha, senior manager with the planning group of business transformation at LG. "The E2open B2B Client enables guaranteed delivery of large files that traditional B2Bi software would be unable to support."

Finally, Panasonic Industrial Sales Taiwan uses the E2open B2B Client to integrate with customers and bring orders directly into its back-end IBM AS/400 systems. The deployment enables Panasonic to be more responsive to customer requests and orders, according to E2Open. B2B integration with customers is a priority for many suppliers, but dealing with multiple customer formats and systems can be daunting. The E2open B2B Client can help suppliers affordably extend B2B capabilities to customers while the E2open Integration Platform enables any-to-any transformation and translation between varying protocols and formats.

"The E2open solution including the E2open B2B Client acts as our RosettaNet gateway for the order process, including new purchase order, order confirmation, order change, advanced ship notice, and invoice," said Richard Shiau, chief information officer with Panasonic. "By conducting the translation and transformation to RosettaNet, E2open shifts all the B2B complexity outside of our enterprise."
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