GPS Tracking, Out-of-area Coverage Added to On-demand Logistics Services

Cube Route says new offering improves accuracy, productivity with real-time vehicle tracking, automated information capture

Cube Route says new offering improves accuracy, productivity with real-time vehicle tracking, automated information capture

Toronto — October 29, 2004 — "On-demand" logistics services provider Cube Route has added GPS tracking and out-of-area coverage to its service offering in a move to improve vehicle management and information capture.

Available with any of Cube Route's routing, tracking and planning services, Cube Route Mobile operates on any Java-based, GPS enabled wireless device such as a cell phone.

Cube Route said that with GPS tracking capability, it now enables real-time and accurate vehicle tracking via automated arrival and departure information capture, as well as service time calculations that are automatically submitted to the Cube Route platform.

By adding GPS tracking to Cube Route's routing, tracking and planning functionality, organizations using the on-demand logistics service gain access to an accurate and real-time audit trail without the need for driver intervention, the solution provider said. It also increases accuracy in scheduled delivery and pick up times, and it improves driver productivity, Cube Route said.

"Cube Route is the only provider to offer an integrated logistics management solution that supports both GPS and out-of-area coverage," said Jeff Murphy, vice president of operations at Cube Route. "These added features fill in the gaps that occur when drivers move out of wireless coverage areas and further streamline and simplify the vehicle tracking process. Having a more complete and consistent picture of global vehicle location, movement, speed and direction can translate into significant bottom line results and improved return on investment. With better visibility on driver movement and delivery status across the fleet, dispatchers, managers and support agents are able to effectively reduce operating costs and improve productivity."

By providing out of area coverage, Cube Route said it is allowing for ongoing tracking with no gaps in data capture when a phone is beyond the range of a wireless signal. Data are captured and then automatically uploaded to the Cube Route platform as soon as a wireless signal is available, providing field data capture and a "bread crumb trail."

This minimizes gaps in data collection from the field, ensures more accurate business analysis and improves the quality and accuracy of operating reports, according to Cube Route. The data provided also enable managers to improve operational efficiencies by increasing stops per paid hour, as well as reducing miles driven, labor expenses and weekly vehicle expenses, the solution provider said.

Cube Route said its logistics service enables organizations with private or dedicated fleets to streamline and gain visibility into last mile delivery operations. It combines tracking, planning and routing functionality with Web-based service delivery, and it is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Cube Route said that its Mobile offering is now being rolled out to a number of Cube Route customers, and is widely available as part of the Cube Route service.