Sunny Delight Taps Transplace for Logistics Management Outsourcing

Beverage company hands over responsibility for managing, optimizing shipments from plants to retailers

Beverage company hands over responsibility for managing, optimizing shipments from plants to retailers

Plano, TX — November 3, 2004 — The Sunny Delight Beverages Company has selected Transplace, a logistics technology and transportation management services provider, for complete logistics management outsourcing in the United States.

Under the relationship's scope, Transplace will manage and optimize all shipments from Sunny Delight plants to retail locations and mass merchandisers nationwide, and will contract and manage a core group of refrigerated carriers.

"We are focused on growing our Sunny Delight brand," said Ellen Lobst, senior vice president for manufacturing and technology with Sunny Delight. "Transplace can help us do that by improving supply chain operations. Not only will Transplace help us reach immediate cost savings and customer service-related goals, but the company has the resources and expertise to help us manage the anticipated growth phase efficiently and cost effectively."

As part of the agreement, Transplace will have transportation management responsibility, including freight payment services, for all Sunny Delight prepaid truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, and will provide services and technology to arrange loading appointments at the plants for customer pickup shipments.

"We're currently working to transition Sunny Delight's supply chain operations from P&G into our network and expect to be fully operational in an outsourced capacity by early Q1 2005," said Tom Sanderson, Transplace's president and chief operating officer. "Working closely with carriers, we will optimize Sunny Delight's entire transportation network, producing cost savings, business process efficiencies and continuous value that builds year over year."

Transplace will also be responsible for enacting processes to monitor and measure transportation network delivery and performance, as well as for communicating appropriate metrics and resulting visibility to Sunny Delight management.

Sunny Delight has annual sales in excess of $550 million, does business in eight countries across North America and Europe, and markets two brands of juice drinks, SunnyD and Punica. The company was purchased from P&G by J.W. Childs Associates, a Boston-based private equity firm, and the company's management. Its worldwide headquarters are in Cincinnati.