Homeland Security Enlists Global Trade Management Solution

Department using TradeBeam solution to provide tracking, event management and reporting for inbound international shipments

Department using TradeBeam solution to provide tracking, event management and reporting for inbound international shipments

San Mateo, CA — November 3, 2004 — TradeBeam, a provider of global trade management (GTM) solutions, has completed two deployments of its software in support of the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Operation Safe Commerce initiative.

Operation Safe Commerce (OSC) is a collaborative effort between the federal government, business interests and the maritime industry to develop and share best practices for the safe and expeditious movement of containerized cargo. Its goal is to protect the global supply chain while facilitating the flow of commerce.

Implemented in fewer than 50 days across two global trade lanes, TradeBeam's solutions are providing real-time tracking, monitoring, exception management and reporting on dozens of physical and financial supply chain events and exception conditions, according to the solution provider. The DHS manages security from foreign factory to port, for ocean and land transport of cargo shipping containers via TradeBeam's GTM platform.

TradeBeam said it was selected to be a participant in DHS's Operation Safe Commerce trade lane trials because of its ability to monitor, evaluate and manage the physical and financial supply chains for inbound international shipments. The company said its software provides enterprises with the ability to detect and respond to potential security issues across their global operations.

"TradeBeam's OSC solution focuses on improving security while enabling enterprises to achieve significant commercial benefits through increased international supply chain efficiencies," said Todd Skrinar, a partner in the consumer products and life sciences practice at Unisys, which has been involved in the implementation.

The provider said its Operation Safe Commerce solution ensures shipment visibility and compliance for import processes that touch multiple systems and supply chain partners. Time-consuming and error-prone manual processes are replaced by an automated collaborative solution that provides supply chain event management, order management, party screening, risk management, trade documentation management, reconciliation and radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking, according to the provider.

"Enhancing border security must provide both protection and commercial value in the form of reduced inventory, improved cash flow and profitability," said Graham R. F. Napier, president and CEO of TradeBeam. "This combination of real business value and enhanced security provides a practical and commercially driven roadmap for improving national security."

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