BigMachines Touts Successes in Diverse Verticals

Guided selling specialist points to six new customers for solution to streamline sales processes, create lean quote and order processes

Guided selling specialist points to six new customers for solution to streamline sales processes, create lean quote and order processes

Chicago, IL — November 5, 2004 — Guided selling specialist BigMachines this week touted its third quarter successes, pointing to six new customers for the provider's flagship software and its penetration into new industry verticals.

These customer wins for BigMachines' Lean Front-End software, used to streamline a company's front-end sales and service processes, include manufacturers selling loading dock equipment, sanitary food processing equipment, packaging equipment, fluid handling equipment, laboratory and life sciences equipment, and elevators.

"These new customer wins show BigMachines capability to serve manufacturers who sell a broad range of complex products through multiple sales channels," said Godard Abel, co-founder and CEO of BigMachines. Abel said that Lean Front-End (LFE) can help manufacturers streamline quote and order processes for the sale of complex products through both direct and indirect sales channels.

BigMachines' new customers include four North American companies, one European customer and the provider's first Asian customer in Korea. These customers come with different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including J.D. Edwards, Oracle, PRMS, Baan, Growth Power and a variety of home-grown legacy systems on AS-400 platforms, according to BigMachines.

"With a Lean Front-End, our customers will establish a common platform across multiple, different ERP systems," Abel said. "Thus they can increase the value and extend the life of their existing ERP infrastructure, while adding a ... Web-based selling interface across multiple ERP back-ends."

One new customer, SPX Dock Products, is a manufacturer of loading dock equipment (dock levelers and truck restraints, seals, shelters and doors, as well as aftermarket parts and service) for industrial/manufacturing plants, distribution centers and wholesale/retail warehouses. Dock Products has embarked on a program to improve the company's commercial processes, systems, organization and tools from "quote to cash".

A core component of this initiative is to establish lean quote and order processes by implementing a common Web-based selling platform for Dock Products' sales team and network of distributors. The company has grown by acquisitions and is creating a Web platform to present one common face to the customer across its various brands.

"To find the right technology partner for our lean quote and order program, we did an extensive evaluation of multiple solution providers, including leading ERP vendors and best-of-breed solutions," said Shawna Cardillo, director of information technology for Dock Products. "Based on a detailed evaluation of these vendors, we selected BigMachines Lean Front-End."

Cardillo said that BigMachines met the company's Web-selling requirements virtually out-of-the-box, with Web-based administration capabilities that will allow the company to implement and maintain the solution with relative ease. BigMachines also will integrate to the company's J.D. Edwards back-end system.

Elsewhere SPX Process Equipment, a global manufacturer of fluid handling, metering, milling, mixing and blending equipment servicing the process industries, has also signed up to use BigMachines' solution. SPX Process Equipment sells these products and aftermarket parts through stocking distributors, manufacturing representatives and direct sales channels. According to Darren Dickson, director of IT for Process Equipment: "Creating a common front-end quote and order platform is core to our operational strategy. We will be able to have efficient quoting and ordering processes on one platform across our strong brands."

Four other manufacturers have also selected BigMachines Lean Front-End Solution and have started their implementations, although the provider declined to name these new customers. The manufacturers include manufacturers of elevator, packaging systems, process flow equipment (valve and pump), and laboratory and life science equipment.