Shell EP Consolidates Global Environmental Information Management

Global energy and petrochemical group using ESP software to track, manage, and report on air and water emissions

Global energy and petrochemical group using ESP software to track, manage, and report on air and water emissions

Mountain View, CA — November 15, 2004 — ESP (Environmental Software Providers) has announced that its opsEnvironmental software has been selected by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies, operating in more than 145 countries, for implementation throughout the company's worldwide Exploration and Production division.

The software will be deployed for environmental data management across Shell's entire E&P operations, comprising over 40 operating units. Shell said it will use opsEnvironmental to track, manage and report on air and water emissions. The new system will allow the company to streamline its global environmental management program and will enable greater compliance visibility.

opsEnvironmental was selected by Shell International Exploration & Production BV (Shell) as the Environmental component of its standard global HSE data management system. The total system, called Fountain, uses two established software solutions with an in-house bridging system. opsEnvironmental was selected as the environmental component after considerable market analysis mainly because of its strong track record in the energy industry.

The new Fountain system will replace some 170 systems across Shell. The opsEnvironmental module will support continuous environmental improvement, emission trading and external verification. Most importantly, it will give Shell managers a real-time overview of their environmental performance, with the same immediacy as their other business parameters.

"We are particularly pleased that our system has come out number one after such a rigorous selection process," said David Gloski, ESP's executive vice president. He added that ESP would be handling all of Shell's EP operations, which encompasses some 40 operating companies across the globe and the software and support challenges were clear. "We believe we can meet those challenges," he said. "We are also well placed to support emissions trading, which is becoming a key business stream to the hydrocarbon energy industry."

Shell's HSE and Sustainable Development Manager, Volkert Zijlker, said, "Global systems require solid infrastructure, and we believe that opsEnvironmental has the solidity and strength on which to build our new generation HSE reporting system."