Nebraska Warehouse Upgrades WMS Software

Omaha-based 3PL goes live with Delfour solution to take advantage of new functionality, scalability

Omaha-based 3PL goes live with Delfour solution to take advantage of new functionality, scalability

Omaha, NE — December 3, 2004 — Nebraska Warehouse Company, a 48-year-old developer, manager and operator of public warehouse space in the Omaha-Lincoln metroplex, has completed an upgrade of its third-party logistics (3PL) management system to the SmartEnterprise 2 software suite from Delfour Corporation.

As a third-party logistics provider, Nebraska Warehouse operates some 350,000 square feet in three modern, single-story facilities in Omaha, focusing primarily on ambient temperature inventory storage and value-added services for food, grocery and beverage products, electrical and electronics products, and a variety of general merchandise and industrial products.

A long-time user of Delfour's WarehouseLogic warehouse management system (WMS), Nebraska Warehouse committed to the upgrade in order to take advantage of Delfour's exploitation of advances in Unix-based hardware and the Oracle enterprise resource planning system, according to Jon Meyers, president of the warehouse company. The company runs its Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Delfour software systems on an HP K Series 9000 Unix platform, communicating with its remote warehouses over a virtual private network.

"We have more than 13 years of experience with Delfour software." Meyers said. "When we began considering our upgrade options, we explored some of their competitors' solutions but found no reason to change."

Meyers added that Delfour's SmartEnterprise 2 software should not only meet his company's current requirements but also accommodate any challenges that grow out of Nebraska Warehouse's future expansion or diversification.

The 3PL software solution now in place is comprised of the Enterprise Foundation, an intelligent integration layer; WarehouseLogic 2, the enhanced warehouse and fulfillment management software system; Active Desktop, a product suite navigation and alert notification tool; the e-Vista supply chain management and visibility tool; and d'Amigo, a real-time alert management and ad hoc reporting tool.

"The patronage and support of Nebraska Warehouse Company and other long-time customers have allowed Delfour to become one of the key players in the 3PL universe, both in expanding its presence and pressing an aggressive program of R&D," said Joe E. Couto, president of Delfour. "The 3PL software that the company has just installed is one of the fruits of that program, which we continue to build out with efforts like our new RFID laboratories and our continuing work in other areas to improve efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse workflow."

Delfour is based in Markham, Ontario.