Good Year for Choice Logistics

3PL opens new locations, expands global operations in 2004

3PL opens new locations, expands global operations in 2004

New York — December 14, 2004 — Third-party logistics provider (3PL) Choice Logistics said this week that it was set to close its strongest year, have opened a host of new locations and expanded its global operations in the past 12 months.

Over the course of 2004, Choice opened 53 new stocking locations and expanded its operations into several new countries, currently offering its services on a global scale to 28 percent of its client base.

"As companies seek to generate cost savings, grow margins and accelerate bottom-line results, they continue to partner and grow with Choice Logistics," the company said in a statement, adding that 90 percent of the company's clients renewed or expanded their investment in the company's solutions.

"Choice is leading the market at a time when demand for logistics solutions continues to grow," said Michael Katz, CEO of Choice Logistics. "Our team is delivering solutions globally to help accelerate bottom line results for our customers, and we are executing well against plans in conjunction with our growth and partner activities."

John Guisto, vice president of worldwide customer service for Choice customer, said that his company has realized significant benefits through its partnership with Choice Logistics and has been able to pass along savings to its client base.

"The savings achieved in the last six months alone have demonstrated the strategic value in partnering with a quality logistics outsourcer and justified our investments into additional solutions provided by Choice Logistics," Guisto said.

Choice provides what it calls "mission-critical supply chain solutions" for strategic asset management, serving companies that require same-day service. Choice operates more than 260 strategic stocking locations (SSLs) in 38 countries.

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