Boeing Taps Supplier Assessment Solution

Implementing Valuedge software throughout company to Web-enable supplier assessment

Implementing Valuedge software throughout company to Web-enable supplier assessment

Lexington, MA — October 28, 2003 — The Boeing Co. has chosen a Web-based supplier assessment solution from Valuedge as part of a plan to use the software throughout the company to Web-enable several Boeing supplier assessments.

Privately held Valuedge offers supplier and enterprise assessment solutions. Using Valuedge assessment tools, enterprises can audit supplier business processes and practices over the Web with the ability track, and the potential to improve, supplier performance. Potential benefits include lower costs, higher quality and better customer responsiveness.

Boeing will use the solution for, among others, its Preferred Supplier Certification process, which provides for a rigorous and thorough business assessment.

"Valuedge supplier assessment tools will help The Boeing Co. understand the capabilities of our entire supply chain much more efficiently and will provide information to support future business decisions that affect the enterprise," says John Eash, director of supplier quality and development at the Chicago-headquartered aerospace giant.

Eash said that as Boeing continues to focus on its core competencies and evolve relationships with its suppliers, the company needed to establish cost effective methods for sharing information. "We feel that the tools provided by Valuedge will provide meaningful supplier data that will support our business needs," he concluded.

Sherry Gordon, CEO and founder of Valuedge, said, "Our tools will help Boeing uncover significant opportunities for supplier performance improvement that can result in lower costs, higher quality and better responsiveness."