Comergent Updating Sell-side Solution

Version 6.4 of E-Business System aims to help business add incremental revenue from existing customers

Version 6.4 of E-Business System aims to help business add incremental revenue from existing customers

Redwood City, CA — November 11, 2003 — Comergent Technologies, a provider of demand chain management applications, unveiled a new version of the Comergent E-Business System, Release 6.4, which includes new functionality and improvements intended to help businesses maximize opportunities to increase incremental revenue from their existing customer base.

Due to ship in January, the new version offers seven areas of new and improved functionality spanning the order transaction lifecycle, according to Comergent.

For the pre-sales stage, 6.4 includes new pricing capabilities and enhancements to configuration and search functions. For the ordering phase, Comergent is introducing the Order Process Modeler and unstructured order capture functionality. Lastly, for the post-sales phase, version 6.4 offers new capabilities created for service products and the ability to generate online proposals.

Specifically, features that Comergent is highlighting for E-Business System Release 6.4 include:

  • New C3 Proposals Application allows a company's sales personnel and selling partners to create proposals for customers. This includes the ability to add uplifts and discounts, as well as incorporate external products from third-party sources. Versioning and contact management enable sales personnel and partners to track varying customer interactions surrounding their respective proposals.

  • New Order Process Modeler enables business analysts to define business processes for a variety of order states through a user interface. Comergent says that the new version makes it faster and easier to implement order process changes in response to customer needs, thus providing a more personalized and detailed customer experience, while maintaining the established internal controls.

  • New Service Products provides detailed service information that integrates with all of Comergent's demand chain management applications. It is now possible to map service products to manufactured products and integrate into customer and partner workflows to make customers aware of service options and renewals, according to the solution provider.

  • New Unstructured Order Capture enables enterprises to receive and interpret orders that do not follow a particular pre-established structure, including spreadsheets, documents or other electronic formats. The solution includes a tool that enables administrators to define templates for how that file is represented as an order in the Comergent system. Future orders with this format can then be processed automatically, and order processors can review the results before they are submitted.

  • New Attribute-Based Pricing capability that enables pricing to change based on specific attributes of a product or service. Comergent says that this will allow enterprises to adapt more quickly to market changes, increase the average order size and more effectively sell slow-moving products and services.

  • Configuration upgrades that the solution provider says will strengthen an enterprise's ability to sell very complex products more easily and quickly. These upgrades include:

    • User interface controlled framework

    • More sophisticated handling of images

    • Punch out (and back) from configuration models

    • Alternative rule firing logic to handle more complex configurations

    • Constraint resolution help

  • Expanded search capabilities that, Comergent believes, deliver a more compelling user experience as a result of incremental indexing and usability improvements.