Catalyst Expanding Suite of Plug-in SCE Components

Supply chain execution specialist aims to meet demand for platform-independent, integrated fulfillment solutions

Supply chain execution specialist aims to meet demand for platform-independent, integrated fulfillment solutions

Milwaukee — November 19, 2003 — Catalyst International, a provider of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, has expanded its suite of platform-independent SCE applications, now offering solutions for execution management, process management and performance management in an effort to meet its customers' demand for integrated fulfillment solutions.

The provider said its new products, and those currently under development, are designed to plug into any enterprise resource planning (ERP), best-of-breed or legacy-based environment. Together, they address the industry's needs for platform independence and open integration across any infrastructure, Catalyst said.

"We're expanding and re-tooling our SCE solution suite to meet customers' increasing demand for integrated fulfillment solutions from supplier to end user, regardless of platform or boundaries," said Jim Treleaven, president and CEO of Catalyst.

The provider has adopted Open Application Group standards and J2EE technology to enable integration with legacy-based, best-of-breed and ERP infrastructures. For example, all its SCE components integrate into SAP's supply chain infrastructure. Catalyst also provides SAP R/3 consulting with expertise in SAP's Logistics Execution System (SAP LES), Warehouse Management (SAP WM) and Task and Resource Management (SAP TRM).

Catalyst's offerings include CatalystCommand Supply Chain Execution Management solutions, which are designed to control the physical movement and storage of product and the associated resources. Application suites include Transportation Management (planning, execution and reconciliation), Warehouse Management (warehouse and yard) and Resource Management (labor, simulation and iRFID).

The CatalystConnect Supply Chain Process Management solutions are intended to manage the coordination and collaboration of parties and business processes across the network of nodes that comprise the extended supply chain. Application suites include Collaboration (with suppliers, carriers and for returns and visibility), Control (dynamic fulfillment, international trade logistics, returns management, supplier quality) and Optimization (order fulfillment, inventory and demand management).

Finally, CatalystCompass Supply Chain Performance Management solutions were designed to provide visibility and metrics for the overall supply chain and analysis to enable continuous process improvement. Application suites include Analytics (reports and dashboard), Event Management (alerts and resolutions) and Consulting (execution consulting, process consulting, wireless security consulting and RFID consulting).

Since September, Catalyst has introduced three new componentized products including CatalystConnect Inventory Optimization, CatalystConnect Demand Management and CatalystConnect Supplier Link.

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