Recruitsoft Updates Contingent Labor Solution

Version 4 of former White Amber app adds project management functionality, improved workflow and reporting capabilities for forecasting

Version 4 of former White Amber app adds project management functionality, improved workflow and reporting capabilities for forecasting

San Francisco — November 21, 2003 — Staffing management solutions provider Recruitsoft this week rolled out the latest version of its flagship Workforce OnDemand solution for managing the non-permanent workforce, adding project management functionality and improved workflow and reporting capabilities for forecasting.

Version 4 of Workforce OnDemand builds on the solution that Recruitsoft acquired in October with its purchase of White Amber. (See related story.)

New and upgraded features in version 4 include:

  • Workforce Project. Proprietary enhancement that allows organizations to forecast associated costs of one project, including project teams and assess if it is best to hire permanent or non-permanent workers.

  • Financial Planning and Measurement Toolkit. Provides tiered-access visibility and control over all non-permanent labor spend, as well as the tracking and reporting of processes configured to an organization's unique needs. Details such as how much an organization spends on temporary labor in various categories can be used to leverage volume spending discounts to employ the best qualified non-permanent labor while generating not only cost savings but also productivity improvements. In addition to the standard reporting features, customer data warehouse capabilities are now available for ad hoc reporting.

  • Enhanced User Interface. This feature builds upon existing functionality by providing capabilities to store worker and other evaluations in a central location. The solutions give hiring managers one-click access to data on skills, strengths and weaknesses, helping organizations to ensure that the best workers and staffing firms are chosen, and sub-par performers aren't re-hired for another division.

"Global 2000 companies are increasingly interested in not only the cost savings available by gaining visibility on a project basis for non-permanent workers, but also determining when it's in the company's best interest to hire permanent employees versus non-permanent workers," said Louis Cofini, Recruitsoft executive vice president of Workforce OnDemand Solutions. "Our solutions allow organizations to base, predefine and assess considerations such as length of the position or project."

Workforce OnDemand is part of Recruitsoft's Enterprise Staffing Management Suite, which also includes Professional, Hourly, Agency, Workforce Mobility, Regulatory & Diversity and Campus solutions. Cofini noted that the solutions can be implemented collectively or individually.

Recruitsoft said that some 400,000 users in 85 countries are using its solutions.

Michael Sullivan, manager of strategic staffing and workforce planning at Recruitsoft customer Pepco Holdings, said that the new version of Workforce OnDemand 4 could help his company achieve incremental benefits in cost reductions, process centralization and improvements in enterprise productivity. "The enhancements available in the Workforce OnDemand solution are very strategic and in line with our company's philosophies in terms of best managing our non-permanent workforce as well as our suppliers," Sullivan said.

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