Aravo Leads Global Supply Chain Compliance Discussion At ProcureCon USA 2011

San Francisco: Aravo Solutions announced that Robert Shecterle, Aravo's Vice President of Marketing, will lead a key session at ProcureCon USA in Atlanta. The roundtable session: "Global Regulatory Compliance and Suppliers" will explore the growing burden of regulated/mandated activities across the supply chain. In particular, panelists will discuss how to mitigate the risk of regulatory compliance failures, and the fines and penalties that go with them, while managing compliance costs. In addition, Aravo will be an event sponsor and will provide solution demonstrations as well as invite attendees to register on-site for membership in Aravo AssureTM, the first B2B enterprise social network.

"We are thrilled to be provided the opportunity to present at ProcureCon 2011 where experts from across our industry will gather to share their ideas and best practices," says Robert Shecterle, vice president of marketing for Aravo. "Supply chain compliance issues continue to be front and center among sourcing and procurement professionals. Unsafe cars, toys contaminated by lead, pet food containing dangerous fillers, and medications formulated with treacherous levels of key ingredients are all tragic stories. What's common to them is that the brands of the companies affected were not damaged by their own overt acts, but by those of suppliers … suppliers that did not adhere to regulations, standards, and codes of conduct. And it isn't just about product safety. The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) implements rules and penalties regarding the use of bribes in the conduct of business, even on the part of trading partners. As a leader in helping companies manage these supply chain compliance issues, Aravo is excited to lead the global compliance panel of industry veterans in what will undoubtedly be a lively discussion about this very topical subject."