"Smart Container" Technology Seen Yielding Billions in Savings

Next-gen containers will lead to security, productivity boosts for U.S. economy, Research and Markets report predicts

Next-gen containers will lead to security, productivity boosts for U.S. economy, Research and Markets report predicts

Dublin — May 5, 2004 — New technology in so-called "smart containers" can increase the security of containers against terror attacks and is expected to generate benefits for industry and save the U.S. economy billions of dollars every year, according to a recent report from Research and Markets.

In its report, "2004-2012 - Maritime Smart Container Market/Technology Forecast Report," the research firm predicts that the benefits of the smart containers will include fewer delayed and misrouted shipments, improved just-in-time reliability and reduced inventories.

Additional benefits could include better container, chassis and terminal efficiency, reduced theft and insurance costs, and reduced vulnerability to container-borne terror attack, according to Research and Markets.

Altogether the authors of the report believe that, as the technology matures and is put to effective use, it will generate security and productivity benefits for industry that will save the U.S. economy more than $10 billion per year.

Future smart containers will incorporate anti-tampering, intrusion and condition detection, tracking, communications and reporting elements that will give supply chain stakeholders a real-time picture of the location and status of their shipments and carriers better control of their equipment, the firm writes.

A new multi-billion dollar market of maritime smart containers is starting to emerge, and the report's authors expect that this industry is likely to dominate the maritime supply chain by the end of the decade.

The Research and Markets report provides an analysis and forecast of the smart container market through 2012. The report covers present and next-generation technologies and products, market status and evolution (based on a Delphi survey and in-house research), analysis of drivers and inhibitors, smart container economics, cost-benefit analysis, potential business opportunities and relevant patent review.

The report also provides detailed baseline and alternate forecasts for the smart container market. The baseline forecast covers market growth with no major container-related terrorist event. The alternate forecast covers market growth given a "shocking" container-related terrorist event in 2005.