Coatings Manufacturer Taps DEACOM for ERP Solution

The Magni Group aiming to more efficiently and cost-effectively extend our customer's product life

Wayne, PA — December 6, 2006 — The Magni Group, an ISO 9000-certified manufacturer of protective coating systems for metal products, has chosen the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System to standardize all business processes, including quality control, batch formulation and production scheduling.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Mich., The Magni Group required a single, secure software system to link the operations of its corporate office as well as its sites in Detroit, Mich., Independence, K.y., and Germany. The DEACOM ERP System was selected over eight different software vendors, as a result of its strong process manufacturing focus and functionality.

"At Magni, all of our sales, research, and manufacturing personnel work closely together to eliminate corrosion on auto parts. The DEACOM System reflects our own integrated approach in its clear-cut design and scalability," said Magni Software Manager Michael Agrusso. "Because of this, we believe DEACOM will allow us to more efficiently and cost-effectively extend our customer's product life."

The DEACOM ERP System will provide Magni with security-sensitive accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory control, regulatory reporting and lab management, among other functions. Magni is scheduled to achieve full DEACOM implementation by March, 2007.