TMS Connects Shippers and Carriers for Parcel Management

Honeybee TMS partners with ShipEngine to streamline parcel management as part of the CTSI-Global logistics ecosystem.


Honeybee TMS by, CTSI-Global, announces the launch of a Parcel Management application. Partnering with ShipEngine, the TMS is meant to enhance parcel rating, validate global addresses, print labels and track shipments in real time, with predictive analytics.

"It's integrating everything into a single platform, rather than having multiple websites and multiple users managing different areas," says Spencer Gore, director of business analysis at CTSI-Global.

"We're excited to bring the ShipEngine technology to users of CTSI-Global's powerful Honeybee TMS. By giving users a one-stop-shop for Parcel Management, growing businesses can become even more efficient," says Jim Gagliardi, general manager of ShipEngine.

From PRNewswire:

  • Honeybee TMS Parcel Management connects with over 350 leading regional, national and global parcel carriers to save time by streamlining parcel shipping execution through one application.

    • CTSI-Global plans to continue enhancing Parcel Management as integral to shippers' supply chain management, "streamlining their process, making it easier to do it all within a single platform, and saving time," says Mike Maykowski, director of TMS at CTSI-Global.