Top Supply Chain Projects: Deposco's Flexible WMS Helps Alogistico Meet Tight Shipping Demands

Alogistico deployed Deposco's cloud-based warehouse management system to ship 1,000 orders of swimwear products in one week.

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 Software/services such as warehouse management system, order management, distributed order management

Customer client:
About the project: On Dec. 21, 2023, Alogistico received 375,000 eaches of swimwear for a client, but the cartons were a mess. Packages had been opened, no weights were supplied, and they had no way to get a mass update. Alogistico needed a flexible, cloud-based WMS. 

Deposco worked with Alogistico through Christmas Eve to get the receipts in the system in an incredible timeframe, which enabled the company to ship their first orders on Dec. 27. They went live on Dec. 28, and the first week of full inbound/outbound, they shipped 1,000 orders. 

 Swimwear was just the beginning. Over the next three months, Desposco enabled multiple wins for Alogistico, including: +15 days, wholesale EDI deployed, allowing Alogistico to start shipping orders for REI, selling Amazon aggregator products, and supporting all kinds of orders; +30 days, productivity doubled; +45 days, custom dashboards were live, showing productivity tracking and analysis of product dynamics. By Day 75, Alogistico had a $3 million business on track to double its run rate in about six months from Day 1. Alogistico credits their success to the responsiveness of Deposo’s team, swift delivery (a couple of weeks for deliverables), face-to-face support, and the ability to match how their business operates.

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