Manufacturers Want More Supply Chain Visibility: Report

New data shows that manufacturers reel from the affects of supply chain shortages. Many request greater supply chain visibility and invest in factory automation.

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The new State of Supply Chain in the New Shortage Economy report from LeanDNA shows that 95% of manufacturers now invest in factory automation but most haven't automated the factory's critical data and intelligence aspects. Most manufacturers who participated in the survey cited greater visibility into supply chains would be necessary to stay afloat during the crisis. They believe through more supply chain visibility, they could avoid shortages, optimize inventory, make processes more efficient and reduce expenditures. Additionally, survey respondents claimed lack of expertise and resources, limited budget and ineffective change management are the top complications when it comes to factory transformation today. 

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  • LeanDNA released "State of Supply Chain in the New Shortage Economy," a report examining the biggest pain points and opportunities for manufacturers. Results from the survey of manufacturing professionals highlighted the need to digitally transform inventory data to better prioritize supply chain actions and collaborate across businesses.
  • Manufacturers are facing several challenges that limit their ability to respond to issues that affect planning, procurement, and suppliers.

"We understand the challenges of the new shortage economy and believe the factory is the greatest source of untapped strategic value for manufacturers," says Richard Lebovitz, CEO of LeanDNA. "By adding emerging technologies to existing enterprise IT investments, the manufacturing industry will have the tools needed to enable a true digital transformation of the supply chain."