B2BGateway.Net Creates New NetSuite App

Will help customers reduce time and cost of transactions through EDI workflows

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Boston, June 16, 2011 – B2BGateway.Net, a global EDI provider, announced its new NetSuite application, B2BGateway NetConnect, for the NetSuite SuiteCloud Computing Platform. B2BGateway NetConnect extends the range of EDI transactions beyond those possible with conventional EDI connectors. Built using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform, the SuiteApp helps NetSuite customers improve the range and efficiency of their electronic communications with customers and suppliers, therefore saving time and costs by automating EDI transaction workflows. NetSuite’s SuiteCloud is a comprehensive offering of on-demand products, development tools, and services designed to help customers and commercial software developers take advantage of the significant economic benefits of cloud computing. The complete SuiteCloud offering includes NetSuite’s multi-tenant, always-on SaaS infrastructure; the NetSuite Business Suite of applications for Accounting/ERP, CRM and Ecommerce; and comprehensive development tools to create on-demand business applications on top of NetSuite. “EDI is indispensable for business-to-business transactions, but many EDI connectors are limited in the types of transactions they support,” says Steve Kohler, vice president of Systems Development at B2BGateway.Net. “With B2BGateway NetConnect we have moved beyond the realm of simple EDI and can now integrate transactions that were previously thought impossible.” B2BGateway NetConnect is a SuiteApp that lets users exchange documents through any standard EDI or communications protocols. Beyond basic EDI file exchanges, B2BGateway NetConnect supports more complex transactions such as customer payments, inventory adjustments, item receipts, and inventory updates. The B2BGateway NetConnect NetSuite application can help companies make greater use of EDI in business-to-business relationships. NetSuite customers can save time and costs by substituting automated EDI workflows for manual methods – email, for instance – formerly needed for more complex transactions. “The B2BGateway NetConnect SuiteApp allows NetSuite customers to optimize cross-company business processes with their trading partners and customers, making B2BGateway NetConnect a natural extension to NetSuite,” says Guido Haarmans, Vice President Developer Programs and Business Development at NetSuite. “B2BGateway.Net has been providing high-quality cloud-based EDI solutions to our clients since 2001, and I am pleased to see how they continue to increase the value they bring to our customers.”
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