Automated Route Optimization SaaS Solution

Cosmic Frog "Hopper" is an automated transportation route optimization to solve routing at scale.

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Optilogic introduced Cosmic Frog "Hopper," an automated transportation route optimization built into its Cosmic Frog supply chain design solution to solve routing at scale and automatically apply transportation route costs to a network design for reduced cost and environmental impact.

"With logistics costs still on the rise, considering transportation in strategic network design is crucial," says Optilogic VP of product management Rebecca Janowiak. "Cosmic Frog Hopper gives companies a huge advantage by solving routing problems at scale to minimize costs and environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and service--and it's all automated at the click of a button."

Key takeaways:

  • Cosmic Frog Hopper automatically runs after a network optimization or simulation to accurately calculate last-mile route costs in a to-be network. With Hopper, analysts can evaluate hundreds of scenarios via hyperscaling technology to design the optimal network and transportation strategy.
  • Cosmic Frog Hopper automated route optimization enables companies to answer questions like What are the best routes and modes to minimize cost and maximize service?; How do accurate route costs impact my network design?; How does a new supply chain design change our current delivery strategy?; How can we optimize the mix of our existing assets?; What service improvements could we get with different routing configurations?; and Is it better to ship on a route or ship direct via LTL (less-than-truckload) or parcel?