Berkshire Grey Pushes Increased Fulfillment with New Generation

Berkshire Grey releases next generation of IEF to increase fulfillment throughput at a lower cost point.

Robotic Picking With Mobile Robot
Berkshire Grey

Berkshire Grey releases a new generation of Intelligent Enterprise Robotics (IER), which allows any fulfillment center to deploy picking robots combined with mobile robots as well as using each one separately. The robotics company hopes to decrease delivery times while supporting a larger number of SKUs through the increase of fulfillment output at a lower cost point. 

Per GlobeNewswire

  • Unlike fixed conveyor belts and early generation mobile robots, Berkshire Grey’s intelligent fleets harness the power of AI to orchestrate tens to thousands of mobile robots to pick, organize, and deliver items for a wide variety of customer and store orders.
  • The AI-based orchestration software enables many robots to work together in a performant fashion, where robots improve and learn over time, and where the activities carried out by different robots and modules are coordinated.