Skyllful Releases Its Redesigned Skyllful IQ for Achieving Greater Visibility into Digital Adoption Progress and Frontline Workforce Readiness

Skyllful announced the release of a set of updates and major new features to its Skyllful IQ analytics dashboard.

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Skyllful announced the release of a set of updates and major new features to its Skyllful IQ analytics dashboard. Skyllful IQ provides business leaders across an organization with greater visibility and insights about the progress and impacts of digital deployments to frontline workers. Skyllful IQ offers a robust, graphically rich dashboard that provides real-time analytics and tracking of key performance indicators about the current and future readiness of a frontline mobile workforce. Designed for project managers, operations executives and training leaders, Skyllful IQ features a multi-tier reporting hierarchy and data views based on roles, team and geographic location.   “We’ve redesigned Skyllful IQ to provide project managers and learning & development professionals access to critical learning and training data in a much faster and more intuitive way,” said Justin Lake, CEO of Skyllful. “The enhancements to Skyllful IQ all provide a greater ability to see and measure mobile technology training in real-time – by tracking and documenting usage and adoption by frontline mobile workers and identifying adjustments as needed.”  

Updates and new features of Skyllful IQ include:

  • Notifications & Reminders: Program managers and learning & development professionals can now send notifications and reminders to learners from within Skyllful IQ. The notifications feature provides the ability to send both individual and group messages to provide encouragement that learners will receive directly within the Skyllful Simulator mobile application.
  • Dedicated “Lens” Analytics Views: Skyllful IQ has three analytics “lenses,” which allow users to quickly see program effectiveness and team readiness: The Overview Lens displays progress in current training and learning programs; the Curriculum Lens provides easy access to lesson metrics and effectiveness; the People Lens allows users to see both individual and group learner performance and progress.
  • Data Segment Creation: In addition to Skyllful IQ’s pre-configured “lenses,” users can further segment analytics by role, department, region or geography and other variables. These segments can be saved for easy reference.
  • Ability to Spot Learners Who Need Help: New charts in the Overview Lens allow project and L&D leaders to see users who are off-pace, unresponsive or struggling with training so they can reach out to them and provide additional assistance.
  • Leaderboards: The People Lens within Skyllful IQ has leaderboards which can be viewed across multiple variables such as region, role, location and manager.
  • Chart Copying and Exporting: Skyllful IQ now provides a one-click ability to copy and export charts for use in external reporting.

  Skyllful’s SaaS-based MDAP provides scenario-based simulation training, ongoing education and real-time support that helps mobile workers retain knowledge better and supports both new digital deployments and onboarding new hires. Skyllful is the only MDAP built expressly for training frontline mobile workers and is intuitively designed and proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on investment in technology. Skyllful’s MDAP runs natively on mobile devices, including industrial-grade and ruggedized handhelds and tablets, and can access native device peripherals and sensors that are part of an enterprise’s digital solution.   Skyllful ultimately serves frontline workers in the field who deliver essential products and services as part of the supply chain or global infrastructure. They include truck drivers and delivery personnel; retail workers; electric, gas, water, public works and other critical infrastructure technicians and workers; maintenance and repair personnel; custodial workers and industrial cleaners; and warehousing and logistics workers, among others.