RateLinx and Agillitics Announce Partnership to Offer Accelerated Analytics Tower in 30 Days

The companies will help customers with the centralization of supply chain data to help scale operations.

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RateLinx and Agillitics announced a strategic partnership to deliver enhanced supply chain service offerings to their customers. RateLinx and Agillitics will combine their strengths to offer an Accelerated Analytics Tower that enables 30-day supply chain transformation.

Together, the companies will help customers with the centralization of supply chain data to help scale operations. The partnership will combine Agillitics’ upstream data capabilities and services with RateLinx’s logistics data and services to deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility and improvements. In a world that is racing towards data-driven operations, the union seeks to help customers become more competitive, agile, and profitable.

“Shippers are faced with many challenges that require quick and complex decisions that impact their supply chain,” says Shannon Vaillancourt.  “Our partnership with Agillitics allows us to integrate the logistics data with the upstream data to create a foundational dataset for decision making. The AI and machine learning within the RateLinx system ensures the data quality of the dataset which allows our customers to digitize the decision-making process.”

Today’s tech-driven landscape leads to disparate data sources from the ERP, WMS, TMS, OMS, LMS, and more. Data from so many sources requires intensive data quality measures and consumes resources. Together, the partnership will help drive data quality and accurate insights across departments, transportation, warehousing, purchasing, operations, IT, and finance.

“Advanced capabilities, such as AI, for functional supply chain solutions have shown a spotlight on the fact that decisions cannot be made in a silo. The interconnectivity of the supply chain calls for a harmonized data foundation and a repeatable data flow process to keep that data current,” says Tim Judge, CEO of Agillitics. “Our partnership with RateLinx will allow our customers to go beyond single siloed metrics and ensure metrics align across the supply chain to drive better business outcomes.”

The accelerated analytics tower will drive collaboration between teams and departments and deliver improved data availability and visibility while connecting both internal and external stakeholders. By providing a robust suite of tools, RateLinx and Agillitics will contribute to tangible outcome improvements for customers’ initiatives.