Covectra Improves Patient Outcomes Through New Management Solution

Covectra has released a new management solution that will to connect providers, patients, pharmacies, and other stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare.

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Covectra announced ControlTrack, a mobile telehealth medication adherence management solution to connect providers, patients, pharmacies, and other stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare to improve patient outcomes. Created by physicians, for physicians, ControlTrack integrates unique serialization, packaging and cloud-based management to provide remote medication management especially valuable during the social distancing requirements demanded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maximizing medication adherence for patients with complex health issues such as heart failure is the most powerful tool for preventing avoidable hospitalizations. For chronic pain patients who require opioids, close monitoring avoids abuse and illicit diversion, the major causes of the opioid epidemic. In the presence of COVID-19, a low-cost telemedicine solution such as ControlTrack provides these benefits while preserving social distance.

Using low cost, proven technology and materials available to every provider, patient and pharmacy, Covectra’s telehealth solution solves the issue of medication non-adherence by monitoring medication from the patient at home. The ControlTrack platform now offers two healthcare delivery portals: ControlTrack Provider and ControlTrack Pharmacy - as well as the ControlTrack Patient mobile application.

ControlTrack Provider – Remotely Monitor your Patient for Success

The healthcare provider portal offers a customizable patient-centric dashboard to monitor medication adherence virtually, enabling telehealth options that directly reach more patients beyond the four walls of their practice.  Physician and caregiver teams can now more easily and quickly monitor use and ensure early intervention should any issues arise. 

  • Remote daily monitoring - Providers can now not only meet the changing needs of patients, especially for practices in remote/rural locations, but also the evolving requirements for practical social distancing. Virtual high integrity dosage checks no longer require an office visit, so patients who may be ill or immuno-compromised receive a high level of care.
  • Increase engagement with direct communications with patients - Patient communication features send messages directly to the patient’s smart devices, increasing the likelihood of receipt as well as logging topics of interest, further reinforcing the provider/patient treatment goals and potential risks that may change as the level of care continuum evolves over time.
  • Unified patient-centric view - Multiple providers treating the same patient can share access to ControlTrack monitoring, reports and analytics.

“ControlTrack will enable me to reach many patients beyond the four walls of my practice,” said physician Frank P. James, MD, JD, DFASAM, FACLM from Stamford, CT. “By providing new telehealth capabilities, I can personalize attention on issues of risk, adherence and long-term maintenance that reinforce individual treatment goals.” 

ControlTrack Pharmacy – Dispensing Made Easy 

The ControlTrack pharmacy portal allows pharmacists to easily link specific medications to specific patients. In seconds, pharmacists can utilize existing blister packaging and technology to make the linkage. The solution’s open-source software allows integration into various healthcare systems. Future versions of the platform will integrate directly into pharmacy management systems. 

ControlTrack Patient – Mobile App for Improved Patient Engagement and Accountability 

Covectra’s ControlTrack Patient new mobile app enables any patient to use his smartphone or tablet to receive virtual real-time treatment from providers.

  • Easy Tracking and Monitoring, Reduce Need for In-Office Visits - Patients can easily track when they take their daily medications and see remaining doses that remain for multiple medications. This helps patients who may be distracted by life’s everyday challenges stay on course and demonstrate adherence with their treatment plans without needing to visit the doctor’s office.
  • Better Packaging – ControlTrack’s blister package configuration is preferable to the ubiquitous amber vial in terms of secure maintenance of abusable medications. This is of particular importance as a 2019 JAMA Internal Medicine study suggested that the likelihood of a family member overdosing can be up to 15 times greater in a home with prescribed opioids in an unsupervised medicine cabinet.
  • Real-time non-adherence - In seconds, medication utilization is documented, uploaded and analyzed in the cloud in accordance with a provider’s treatment expectations. If the patient is non-adherent, a notification is forwarded to the provider practice-level log for review and appropriate follow-up,