Cloud-based CAVU Hub Delivers New Levels of Supply Chain Visibility and Connectivity

CAVU Hub is a new on-line platform that manages and distributes information related to temperature-sensitive shipments.

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We are living in a digital world; and CAVU Group is connecting its customers to critical tracking and decision-management data. CAVU Hub is a new on-line platform that manages and distributes information related to temperature-sensitive shipments. Package data is continually collected, updated, and analyzed to help ensure product quality.

With instant access and complete visibility into a product’s lifecycle as it travels from manufacturing to delivery, users can identify - and respond to - a potential compromise in critical time, temperature, humidity and other adverse conditions. What’s more, there is no longer a need for physical retains as digital records are readily available within the Hub – anytime, anywhere.

“Transparency from manufacturing through delivery is the most effective way to ensure product integrity,” explained CAVU Group Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Patti Blessing. “That’s the inspiration behind CAVU Hub. Users can track and monitor shipments throughout their journey.  What’s more, the system alerts users to changing conditions that may compromise product quality. Accurate and timely information is critical to any business; and through CAVU Hub we are working to bring product shipping data together in one central location.”

Secure Global Connectivity

Hosted on Amazon Web Services, CAVU Hub is secure and accessible 24/7/365.  The Hub supports IoT and Blockchain strategies and assists in 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy.

CAVU Hub provides connection to:

  • LOG-IC 360 BT Electronic Data Loggers
  • LOG-IC 360 BT +RH Electronic Data Loggers
  • I-Plug PDF Loggers
  • varIoT Chemical Indicators


CAVU Hub will be rolled out throughout the coming year in phases: 

Currently available is a centralized platform to upload and share all product temperature and humidity data. Information may be uploaded to the cloud and made visible to authorized users throughout the supply chain.

A future release will include exception management with real-time notifications and alerts via email and SMS messaging to show when shipments are out of safe temperature or humidity range. Features and functionality will include a dashboard with analytics for tracking all shipments within the supply chain, be fully viewable to key stakeholders, and connect to all ATI and Microtek products. The goal of CAVU Hub will be to provide universal visibility to all temperature, humidity and other sensor data.