Xage Introduces New Security Offering to Protect Data Sharing

Xage Security has developed a new Dynamic Data Security offering, enforcing tamperproof data security with more control and precision than ever before.

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Xage Security has developed a new Dynamic Data Security offering, enforcing tamperproof data security with more control and precision than ever before. Extending the capabilities of its Security Fabric, Xage now enables secure and dynamic data sharing between multiple systems, multiple locations, and multiple parties––unlocking the promise of data-driven digital transformation with new opportunities for revenue, sustainability, operational efficiency, ecosystem cooperation, and technical innovation.

Now, organizations can securely share data from the edge to the data-center to the cloud, creating new operational insights and innovations––and enabling data-driven cooperation with customers and suppliers. Xage’s solution creates new opportunities for secure remote work and remote cooperation across and between multiple industrial organizations, with an unparalleled degree of fine-tuned control. This universal protection enables businesses to create new revenue on existing assets, adopt new technology, increase operational efficiency, capitalize on new market opportunities, as well as improve safety, and reduce environmental impact.

Xage was founded to underpin digital transformation across real-world operations. As today’s businesses face waves of disruption, holistic cybersecurity is the foundation for new technologies that increase operational efficiency and intelligence,” said Xage CEO Duncan Greatwood. “With this new level of security and control for data sharing, we’re empowering businesses to embrace these innovations and improve the ways they operate, work with partners and suppliers, serve customers, and more.”

Benefits for businesses:

  • End-to-End Security: Enables end-to-end secure sharing across an entire data platform, from physical machines through edge analytics to shared cloud-based data lakes. Allows multiple participants and their applications to securely access data in multiple locations.
  • Availability: Ensures that data is highly protected and available by design––making it possible to transfer data (from edge-to-cloud / center-to-edge / cloud-to-center) reliably, without relying on continuous network connectivity.
  • Dynamic Point-to-Point Protection: Xage’s Fabric and Enforcement Points dynamically and automatically establish an encrypted tunnel for communication whenever it detects two legacy systems attempting to communicate over the network. This point-to-point tunnel protects the confidentiality of the data as it travels across the network.

Xage is working with Dematic, a supplier of integrated automated supply chain technology, software and services, to empower the world’s largest ecommerce companies. Dematic is focused on operational excellence ensuring omni-channel distribution and supply chain performance.

"Xage helps enable a security-first approach to operational improvement," said Amadou Diaw, Director of IoT for Dematic. "The ability to enforce this level of tamperproof data security can unlock new opportunities for secure collaboration, operational efficiency, and innovation."

How it works:

The Xage Security Fabric ensures data authenticity (guaranteeing the data’s originating source), integrity (ensuring data content has not been changed) and privacy (ensuring authorized access only), enabling Dynamic Data Security via:

  • Digitally hashing, signing and encrypting the data at source
  • Storing the resulting security metadata in the Fabric
  • Replicating the metadata across the Fabric to all the places where the data may be consumed
  • Enabling every authorized data user to verify the data’s authenticity and integrity
  • Delivering granular data sharing and access management enforcement under the control of policies set by each data producer via the no-single-point-to-hack Fabric