Waypoint Enables its AMRs to Automatically Unload Payloads

Waypoint is launching its Kingpin module, which allows its AMRs to connect to a wide range of carts and automatically load and unload payloads.

Waypoint Kingpin Pr Photo 030920 1024x637

Waypoint Robotics is launching Kingpin, an automation top module that enables Waypoint’s industrial strength, omnidirectional AMRs to automatically load and unload payloads and connect to a variety of carts offering flexibility for material movement. Kingpin enables Vector to do two critical jobs with one simple top module, as opposed to having a dedicated fleet of lift deck robots for automatic load/unload, and another dedicated fleet of cart connecting robots for cart transport. With Kingpin, Vector can automatically pick up a tote on one side of the factory, deliver it to the other side of the factory, and then connect to a cart on the way back to the starting point. With Kingpin you get an AMR equipped to do both tasks – automatic loading and unloading, as well as the ability to connect to carts commonly used in factories and warehouses.

Waypoint’s Kingpin combined with Vector (600 lb payload capacity AMR) or MAV3K (3000 lb payload capacity AMR), offers customers autonomous navigation, omnidirectional movement, 3D perception and 360-degree safety lasers. Waypoint Robotics’ Dispatcher software for robot setup and management makes Vector, MAV3K, and Kingpin easy to use for the workers who are on the job today.

“Waypoint’s Kingpin is the first of its kind dual-purpose top module that enables Vector and MAV3K AMRs to automatically load and unload payloads as well as hitch onto carts of all sizes,” says Waypoint Robotics CEO, Jason Walker. “Now you don’t have to dedicate a robot for one task or another, with Kingpin you can do both.”

Waypoint’s Kingpin enables workers to have their Waypoint AMRs autonomously load and unload materials and/or autonomously connect to common carts in factories and warehouses, allowing them to focus more on work that matters and let the AMRs do all the heavy lifting.