New Software Uses AI-Driven Self-Service to Deliver Omni-Channel Employee Experience

Cherwell Software has announced version 10.0 of its popular Cherwell Service Management software for IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management.

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Cherwell Software has announced version 10.0 of its popular Cherwell Service Management (CSM) software for IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

CSM 10.0 enables organizations to deliver significantly enhanced and expanded employee experiences, doubling the number of channels by which users can access Cherwell Service Management. Additionally, the new Cherwell Service Management Enterprise package includes Cherwell’s top-ranked enterprise service management solutions in a single product offering. This combination of service management for Human Resources, Project Management, Facilities, and Information Security together with ITSM and the Cherwell CORE no-code platform enables customers to unlock the value of workflow automation across the organization.

“Today’s businesses require a faster and more flexible employee experience for service management,” said Sam Gilliland, chief executive officer of Cherwell. “Our customers have asked for more choices in how to access Cherwell’s service management solutions, more options for collaboration, and more intelligence and automation in the platform to facilitate faster resolution of incidents and more time for strategic digital expansion and innovation. With CSM 10.0, we are providing customers with a more robust platform that caters to customer and employee experiences to make work flow and drive business forward.”

Omni-Channel Employee Experience and Self-Service

CSM 10.0 simplifies and accelerates ITSM workflows, enhancing the employee experience with the broadest possible set of choices for raising and resolving an incident. Employees can call or visit the Service Desk, access a portal via computer or mobile device, open the desktop app, send an email, tell the optional Cherwell Virtual Agent (CVA) what’s happening, or open an incident in Slack with the new Cherwell Slack® app. The CVA enhances self-service by directing employees to articles matched to their stated concerns—meaning that now they can not only access Cherwell Service Management in the way that works best for them, they can resolve their own incidents immediately rather than waiting for an administrator to respond.

New Full Enterprise Service Management Offering and Pricing

The new Cherwell Service Management Enterprise offering gives businesses the tools they need to address service management challenges throughout the organization. Unlike other software providers of Enterprise Service Management solutions, which require additional software licenses for each new capability, Cherwell Service Management Enterprise includes all of the capabilities (and more) in a single license. Cherwell mApp™ solutions can serve as an out-of-the-box solution or the basis for a customized solution which can be modified to meet your organization’s specific requirements. A common framework for incident management means faster resolution of issues and better alignment across different departments.

Enhanced Collaboration and Swarm Support via Slack Integration

CSM 10.0 accelerates incident resolution by allowing users to leverage the messaging and collaboration capabilities of the popular Slack platform. With customer-defined automated tasks in place, employees can use the Cherwell Slack app to raise new incidents and perform their own incident resolution via contextually useful information from the knowledge base by Slack. Admins can chat directly with the user and assign other technicians to the incident via a dedicated Slack channel, enabling an accelerated “Swarm” support model in which the employee gets direct access to the individuals who can provide the quickest resolution.

Machine Learning Driven Support with the Cherwell Virtual Agent

The optional CVA provides natural language access to the knowledge base, leveraging advanced machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology. CVA provides an immediate path to resolution for such common problems as:

  • Submitting a service request
  • Logging an incident
  • Viewing incident status
  • Showing your devices
  • Resetting your password
  • Search knowledge articles

Employees simply ask for help in any of these areas in order to receive immediate support.

Faster Incident Resolution

Adding to the enhanced employee experience, Cherwell Service Management 10.0 introduces Related Item Navigation, which enables technicians to respond to incidents automatically delivering knowledge in context for faster resolution. When managing an incident or request, Admins know there is typically a lot of useful information available about the problem they are trying to solve, but struggle to find it. Cherwell Service Management 10.0 automatically delivers information related to the incident, such as chats, emails, and related records. They are then directed to related records, attachments, emails, chats, and entries from the knowledge base to provide more context, unexpected insights, and a quicker resolution to the issue.