AT&T ASP Finds a Cure

The new AT&T Canada marketplace teams up with ProCure

TORONTO, CANADA  January 22, 2001  Last week, AT&T Canada announced the launch of their Marketplace, an ASP-based e-procurement and supply chain management service, (see AT&T Joins B2B). This week the new marketplace teamed with ProCure, another Canada-based company that focuses on supplier enablement and supplier integration. The move proves that AT&T has been paying close attention to B2B trends and recognizes supplier enablement as one of the hottest topics (and biggest customer concerns) in the industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, AT&T will recommend that its customers use ProCure's supplier enablement program to facilitate suppliers' integration into the service. By leveraging ProCure's capabilities, AT&T hopes buyers will eliminate many of the barriers preventing suppliers from integrating into procurement applications.

We chose ProCure because of its expertise, proven methodologies and unique technical capabilities, said Mike Kologinski, senior vice president of AT&T Canada's Internet and e-business services. ProCure's supplier enablement program can remove many of the barriers that are preventing suppliers from tightly integrating their supply chains into buy-side procurement applications. In addition, ProCure's supplier enablement program is offered as an ASP, and this fits well with our business model."

Kologinski adds that, As At&T Canada broadens its service offering through its relationships with leading implementation and application providers, ProCure is well positioned to accommodate the expanding supplier integration needs of the AT&T Canada Marketplace.