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As direct-to-consumer brands become more popular, e-commerce solution provider FlavorCloud raises $6.3 million.

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Direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce retailers and brands became more popular over the last few years and even more so after the pandemic. Technology provider FlavorCloud sees advantage of this growth, completing a recent Series A funding round that resulted in $6.3 million, led by by Mucker Capital. The company plans on using the funds to grow its platform. 

Per FlavorCloud

  • Partner Omar Hamoui will be joining the board of FlavorCloud as a part of this deal. Additional funding included investments from Rise of The Rest and Willow Group.
  • Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) e-commerce businesses represent a $4.5 trillion dollar market, yet many companies struggle with expanding their reach globally due to complex and challenging customs regulations. FlavorCloud helps make every brand a global brand, and to-date has helped hundreds by automating and streamlining what has traditionally been an expensive, fragmented, and error-prone process.
  • The money raised will be primarily used to build the scale and footprint of the team, with the remainder on technology and customer acquisition efforts, including AI and data intelligence. FlavorCloud currently supports hundreds of brands, including Lumin, Tamara Mellon, TomboyX, Biossance, Kosas, Atoms, and HaloLife.